The Guardian - Quick crossword No 14,293 - Mar 1 2016

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Clues Answers
6 (anag) BACTERIAL
Boat Race's Dark Blues OXFORD
Burden of responsibility ONUS
Extend over a certain area STRADDLE
Famous musician ROCKSTAR
Inferior substitute ERSATZ
Irish county (county town, Castlebar) MAYO
Limited to a particular community — 5 (anag) SECTIONAL
Mark the scale of a measuring instrument CALIBRATE
Retired for the night? ABED
Clues Answers
Royal bird SWAN
Snow vehicle TOBOGGAN
Sweet talk SOFTSOAP
Unbroken mustang BRONCO
US state, capital Portland OREGON
Useful device for a particular job? WIDGET
Vivacity — wit ESPRIT
Where the sea meets the shore COASTLINE
Woman's helmet-like hat CLOCHE
Working at a particular time ONDUTY