Universal - Feb 27 2016

Clues Answers
"... an ___ dog new tricks" OLD
"Don't hurt me!" for one PLEA
"East" on a grandfather clock III
"Faster!" HURRY
"Iron Horse" Gehrig LOU
"Now, where ___ I?" WAS
"Thanks a ___!" MIL
"To ___ is human ..." ERR
"___ the ramparts ..." OER
ABC overseer FCC
Ancient Hebrews, e.g SEMITES
Annapolis freshman PLEBE
Arm stiffeners ULNAE
Asian capital HANOI
Bacardi, for one RUM
Belted constellation ORION
Bites lightly NIPS
Black-key material EBONY
Brogue or twang, e.g ACCENT
Brown shade BEIGE
Camp shelters TENTS
Chips and a pop, e.g SNACK
Congressional gofer PAGE
Contract adverb THEREAT
Courtroom event TRIAL
Dandruff origin SCALP
Dare alternative TRUTH
Demagnetize a tape ERASE
Egg source HEN
Electric car brand TESLA
Enlightened one, in Buddhism ARHAT
Fable TALE
First class alternative COACH
Fish eggs ROE
Four-person race RELAY
Function USE
Clues Answers
Galahad's quest GRAIL
Go before the camera ACT
Go inside ENTER
How some tea is served UNSWEETENED
Huge Aussie birds EMUS
In a clumsy way INEPTLY
It may be better than later SOONER
Jack-in-the-box needs? HYPHENS
Lennon's bride ONO
Lentil, for one LEGUME
Like things you don't want to forget WRITTENDOWN
Little piggie, for one TOE
Load-carrying animal SUMPTER
Machine gun sound effect TAT
Mr. Potato Head part EYE
Museum attraction ART
Naval rank (Abbr.) ENS
Notwithstanding that, informally THO
One way to be blond DYE
One who favors dressing in black GOTH
Parts of skirts HEMS
Pedestaled vessel URN
Persona-grata link NON
Polar drudges ELVES
Pueblo Indian dwellings KIVAS
Short and snappy TERSE
Sight, for one SENSE
Sound of enlightenment AHA
Sphere ORB
Spotted, to Tweety TAW
Starter for "sayer" SOOTH
Strikes make them happy BOWLERS
Swashbuckler's sword SABER
Unlimited power OMNIPOTENCE
Working in a crew OARING
Yachting across the Pacific ASEA
___ Gables, Fla CORAL
___ Sark (scotch) CUTTY