- Feb 26 2016

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Clues Answers
''For example?'' SUCHAS
''If wishes __ horses . . .'' WERE
''The Raven'' opener ONCE
''To my surprise . . .'' ODDLY
6 Across VIP EMIR
Alberta NHLer OILER
Apparatus RIG
Artist born near Bern KLEE
Book after Daniel HOSEA
Botch GOOF
Botched MUFFED
Briefly stated principles MOTTOS
Chalet spot ALP
Contents of some casks ALE
Cover up HIDE
Disloyal person FINK
Draw out EDUCE
Drill sgt., for one NCO
During AMID
Either Apple founder STEVEN
End of Vanderbilt's URL EDU
Fall asleep, with ''out'' ZONE
Field separator FENCE
Follower of walk or drive INS
FĂștbol cries OLES
Gemstone discovered on Mars OPAL
Grate things ASHES
Had wings, perhaps ATE
Hold in esteem VALUE
Hold up ROB
HUD agcy FHA
Initial state ONSET
Is an accessory ABETS
Jargon suffix ESE
Clues Answers
Kick in ADD
Lacking luster MATTE
Laggard IDLER
Let off steam VENT
List some TILT
Mandolin kin UKE
Many a trick-or-treater GHOST
Measures with one's feet PACESOFF
Mojito mixer SELTZER
More elegant FINER
Newsroom array DESKS
Not legit FAKED
On both sides of ASTRIDE
Overabundance GLUT
Overwhelm STUN
Paella tidbit PEA
PBS supporter NEA
Period just before EVE
Present your slant OPINE
Put another way REROUTED
Quaint shop descriptor OLDE
Rapaciousness GREED
Ream fraction QUIRE
Render unusable RUIN
River painted by Rembrandt AMSTEL
Saudi Arabia neighbor QATAR
Seek to get TRYFOR
Semiconductor slices WAFERS
Sitar part NECK
Some reunion guests AUNTS
Sounded disappointed TSKED
Speak from memory RECITE
Supplementary conditions ANDS
Unrelished duty ONUS
Veronique's ''very'' TRES
What a ref might rule TKO
Where sweaters are found SAUNA
Work together UNITE
World Factbook datum AREA