Wall Street Journal - Feb 25 2016 - Astro Nuts

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Clues Answers
'Angie Tribeca' network TBS
'Open late' time in ads NITE
52 weeks of easy work? LIGHTYEAR
Actual fact GOSPEL
Affirmed SWORETO
Alan of 1948's 'Whispering Smith' LADD
Animated PEPPY
Another of the 47-Across ARCO
Attempt SHOT
Attempt STAB
Bayer brand ONEADAY
Book after Hosea JOEL
Boot camp address SIR
California's General Sherman, e.g SEQUOIA
Canadian one of the 47-Across ESSO
Cause of some bad decisions HASTE
Chestnut coat BUR
Cleopatra's killer ASP
Coal mine, perhaps? BLACKHOLE
Cobb and Burrell TYS
Couturier's concern STYLE
Credits preceder, often THEEND
Currency denoted by $ PESO
Declining responses NOS
Disappointed sound TSK
ExxonMobil and BP? GASGIANTS
Fed. workplace regulator OSHA
First name in Notre Dame sports ARA
First pick FAVE
Ford press secretary Ron NESSEN
George Costanza's mother ESTELLE
Greatly impress AWE
Guy Fawkes's birthplace YORK
He wouldn't open the pod bay doors HAL
I Ching consulter, perhaps TAOIST
In a blue state SAD
Iona College player GAEL
Is under the weather AILS
It'll knock you out OPIATE
Clues Answers
Item worn on a chain gang LEGIRON
Legally obligated LIABLE
Lunar phenomenon caused by ice crystals HALO
Makeup of some gloves LATEX
Medal of Honor recipient WARHERO
Mr. Miyagi, to the Karate Kid SENSEI
One may be given with a blessing TISSUE
One might be naked while checking the skies EYE
One of December's birthstones ZIRCON
Ottoman overseer AGA
Panhandle handle TEX
Plays for time STALLS
Popular choice with the brown-bagger crowd PBJ
Pothouse potable ALE
Priest's advice ATONE
Princess of video games ZELDA
Pull down EARN
Real go-getter DYNAMO
Reason for some primping HOTDATE
Sadistic sort SICKO
Seed's benefit BYE
Sicily sight ETNA
Sitting on ATOP
Six-time NFL passing yards leader BREES
Snoop's 'Deep Cover' collaborator DRE
Step, in Strasbourg PAS
Subj. for some immigrants ESL
Tax-exempt bond, for short MUNI
The one that got away ESCAPEE
There are four in a gal QTS
They're played with mizrabs SITARS
Turbo-charged old Chevy? SUPERNOVA
Uneven do SHAG
Via, informally THRU
Vigoda and Fortas ABES
Voice actor for Sneezy, Happy or Grumpy? DWARFSTAR
Willy, in a 1993 family film ORCA
___ Gatos LOS