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Clues Answers
'-- won't!' (firm refusal) NOI
'Allow -- introduce myself' METO
'By gar!' EGADS
'Inferno' author DANTE
'O' in a letter, maybe HUG
'That's --!' ('False!') ALIE
'Whether -- nobler ...' TIS
'Who's there?' response ITSI
-- Brothers ('That Lady' R&B group) ISLEY
-- chi TAI
-- Park, Colorado ESTES
-- Paulo, Brazil SAO
-- sci POLI
Abbr. on a rap sheet AKA
Acct. amount BAL
Angel player Della REESE
Animal skin HIDE
Austrian 'a' EINE
Beatty of movies NED
Beethoven's 'Für --' ELISE
Bit of work ERG
Blue Ribbon brewer PABST
Bronze coin in Harry Potter books KNUT
Carmen of 'That Night in Rio' MIRANDA
Cast list ACTORS
Chastain of soccer BRANDI
Cherry with the 1989 hit 'Buffalo Stance' NENEH
Chinese appetizer SPRINGROLL
City near Anaheim LAPALMA
City of Iowa AMES
Coalitions UNIONS
Cocktail bar LOUNGE
Come next ENSUE
Côte d'-- (country in Afrique) IVOIRE
Credit card come-on NOFEE
Declare the truth of AVOUCH
Deg. for a painter MFA
Drill sgt., e.g NCO
East Indian lentil stew DAL
Elevator part SHAFT
Elicit the stamp 'NSF' BOUNCEACHECK
Essence NATURE
Female cells OVA
Fitting DUE
Flashy hoops shot DUNK
French subway METRO
Froth made by waves SEAFOAM
Gave the slip EVADED
Giggly laugh TEHEE
Gives a hand at a card table DEALSTO
Go by plane HOPAFLIGHT
Goa dress SARI
Got the soap out of RINSED
Gymnast Comaneci NADIA
Hector NAG
Hot planet VENUS
In -- (prebirth) UTERO
In-house ATHOME
Indian lutes SITARS
Inuit or Yupik language ESKIMO
iPad Air, e.g TABLET
Irish city near Killarney TRALEE
Isn't naughty BEHAVES
Its cap. is Boise IDA
Lands in the ocean, to Henri ILES
Latin 'Lo!' ECCE
Clues Answers
Lavish meal FEAST
Lawn lunch PICNIC
Leave the house GOOUT
List abbr ETAL
Little mistake SLIP
Long fights SIEGES
Low cards TWOS
Luise of 'The Good Earth' RAINER
Mall come-on SALE
Maritime plea SOS
Means of exit EGRESS
Mechanical learning ROTE
Mid grade? CEE
Milo of movies OSHEA
More slothful LAZIER
Most rare SCARCEST
Mothers' brothers UNCLES
Nary a soul NOONE
Nation due south of Iran OMAN
No longer sailing ASHORE
Number of deadly sins SEVEN
Oar wood ASH
Once, old-style ERST
Opposite of east, in Spain OESTE
Org. for pucksters NHL
Pause with uncertainty HESITATE
Phoenix hoopsters SUNS
Pittsburgh footballer STEELER
Places for military craft AIRBASES
Premolars, e.g TEETH
Put a flaw in MAR
Quinn who played Annie AILEEN
Religious branch SECT
Rug rats TYKES
Scripted lines DIALOG
See 73-Down ICE
Send via PC EMAIL
Skated SLID
Sky color, in Cannes BLEU
Sky twinklers STARS
Sky's high arch, figuratively VAULTOFHEAVEN
Slalom turn ESS
Some jazz singing SCAT
Spanish coin EURO
Spanish squiggles TILDES
Splendor ECLAT
Start following a trend JUMPONTHEBANDWAGON
Starting from ASOF
Stepson in 'I, Claudius' NERO
Stupefy AMAZE
Super-insect of 1960s TV ATOMANT
Tachometer abbr RPM
Tag team, e.g DUO
That lady SHE
Thing read on a Kindle EBOOK
Tin Man's container OILCAN
Tit for -- TAT
Tool-holding buildings SHEDS
Track-and-field event HURDLERACING
Transverse rail support CROSSTIE
Trump -- Mahal TAJ
Univ. dorm monitors RAS
Uptight TENSE
Walks laboriously PLODS
Ward of Miss Havisham ESTELLA
Web site facilitating job-hunting LINKEDIN
With 13-Down, it's risky to skate on THIN
Wrongful acts, in law TORTS