BuzzFeed - Feb 24 2016

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Clues Answers
'After that, I checked out some macho songbirds. #___' MANTHRUSHMONDAY
'Dr.' known for his rhymes SEUSS
'During the weekend, I auctioned off my feudal estate. #___' SELLFIEFSUNDAY
'Finally, I took a vacation from my drill sergeant duties. #___' FURLOUGHFRIDAY
'Ha, I told you!' SEE
'I can't even,' more bougily AHME
'Later in the week, I started regrowing my bushy hairstyle. #___' FROBACKTHURSDAY
'So much 2 do but only so many ___ in a day' (abbreviated Billy Joel lyric) HRS
'The Mask of Zorro' dance TANGO
'Who'da ___ it?!' THUNK
'With a kick, snare, kicks and ___' (classic A Tribe Called Quest lyric) HIHAT
'Yo!' HEY
'___ Got a Brand New Bag' (James Brown's first Top 10 hit) PAPAS
'___ Teen Hunger Force' (Adult Swim series featuring Meatwad) AQUA
Announcement at the end of a flight plan, perhaps: Abbr ETA
Azalea that's not a flower, she's fancy IGGY
Badass ancient horse-riding nomads HUNS
Bark like an annoying poodle YAP
Burn unit locales: Abbr ERS, e.g. :) URL
Call off, as a relationship END
Comic's act ROUTINE
Contract that 'helps get your security deposit back' LEASE
Cool syst. for keeping buildings cool (or hot) HVAC
Crazy expensive place to live near Silicon Valley BAYAREA
Creeper's vehicle VAN
Entered a pool painfully slowly WADEDIN
Fey who's pretty much the best (I didn't see 'Sisters') TINA
Gave business to, as Chipotle, still DINEDAT
Get hyped AMPUP
Getting even with TYING
Great, as a total tool would say it ACE
Guitar hooks, back when pop songs featured guitars RIFFS
Higher power in Israel YAHWEH
Hoity-toity weed-legal ski resort ASPEN
Home brewer's creations ALES
Hulk Hogan's accessory...err, when he was a wrestler BOA
Clues Answers
If nothing else ATLEAST
Jim's love on 'The Office' PAM
Key of Alicia Keys' first album AMINOR
Lee who directed (and should have won the Oscar for) 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' ANG
Make some kitten mittens, say KNIT
Medieval Muslim MOOR
Mozilla.___ ORG
Name that's Swahili for 'blessed' BARACK
One of the Three Stooges MOE
Org. that Eminem claims 'Won't let me be, or let me be me' FCC
Painful embracers of some nipples CLAMPS
Passes the bullshit test FLIES
Peaced out LEFT
Phrase that might actually mean five or six AFEW
Plop one's keister down SIT
Push to one's breaking point TRY
Put an '=' between EQUATE
Ramen ___ microwave (dish on the menu of my life) ALA
Rebel on about 10% of campus t-shirts CHE
Retired, but still very tall, Ming YAO
Sandra Bullock's employer in 'The Heat' FBI
Sets out on an epic journey EMBARKS
Shake Shack's was in 2015 on the Nasdaq IPO
Shot that DeAndre Jordan makes a lot of SLAM
Shot that Steph Curry makes a lot of THREE
Simulate, like one of those sad Civil War enthusiasts REENACT
Since January 1, on paychecks YTD
Some Burt's Bees items CREAMS
Tantric sex requirement STAMINA
The average 2013 grad has $30,000 of it :-/ DEBT
They're positively responses! YESES
Trendy dude's haircut, for short POMP
Trivia ___ ('addictive' quiz app) CRACK
Use for an old pair of jeans RAG
Where pitchers warm BULLPEN
Word that follows 'Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la' TIS
Worried way more than warranted, as the details SWEATED