The Washington Post - Feb 21 2016

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Clues Answers
'Bam!' shouter LAGASSE
'Likable' politician of the 20th century IKE
'Prophet' printmaker EMILNOLDE
'Too much information' SPAREME
Advil alternative ALEVE
Airline flying since 2000 JETBLUE
Artificial INORGANIC
Baptist leader? ANA
Bygone birds MOAS
Cat on film BALLOU
Chem. units MOLS
Crack, in a way CHAP
Docile MEEK
Draw new map lines for REZONE
Draws out ELICITS
East ender? ERN
English subject LITERATURE
Environmentalist's study ECOSYSTEM
Eva of 'Green Acres' GABOR
Fatuous INANE
Game with stones PENTE
Garden party? EVE
Hat worn with goggles SKICAP
Head of England? LOO
Interest of pollsters VOXPOPULI
International accords ENTENTES
Luxury home features SPAS
Make of nonstick cookware TFAL
Member of a smart set MENSAN
Munchies, on Madison Avenue SNAX
Mutually accept AGREEON
Mystics YOGIS
Clues Answers
Neighborhood event for bargain hunters LAWNSALE
New ___, New York PALTZ
Nightclub charge COVER
Nursery rhyme couple SPRATS
One after another? ELEVEN
One-piece suits UNITARDS
Opposite of max MIN
Org. that investigates accidents NTSB
Pasta choice PENNE
Physicist Tesla NIKOLA
Playing around? ONTOUR
Portrayer of Alex P. Keaton MICHAELJFOX
Reagan role GIPP
Relayed SENTON
Romantic, musically CONAMORE
Roofed patios LANAIS
Sagan's subj ASTR
Sampras rival Korda PETR
Sign of trouble EVILOMEN
Small fruit pie LEMONTART
Some top British collegians OXONIANS
Sq. bisector DIAG
Surprises, as a due date SNEAKSUPON
Tailored Taylor ANN
Top exec PRES
TV costar of Alda, Farr, and Morgan SWIT
Wine holder TUN
Without any substance MASSLESS
Word that's an example of itself NOUN
Worries about FEARSFOR
You can see right through them PANES