New York Times - Feb 20 2016

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Clues Answers
'All Quiet on the Western Front' novelist REMARQUE
'Run along now!' OFFYOUGO
Alley-oop starter LOB
Alumni data: Abbr YRS
Approach STYLE
Audio engineer's concern ECHO
Babe watcher, maybe NANA
Bargain bin buy at a record store USEDCD
Basket weave? NET
Be thick (with) TEEM
Big Cup brand REESES
Bit from 'Poor Richard's Almanack' OLDSAW
Bit of Secret Service gear EARPHONE
Brand-new outfits STARTUPS
Chill, so to speak CALM
Come back RECUR
Cry after 'Freeze!' on a 1980s TV show MIAMIVICE
Cultivation aids HOES
Defendant in a 1963 obscenity trial HEFNER
Dreaded classroom note SEEME
Facebook-checking fixation, e.g INFOMANIA
Fitness mag stat BMI
Gallery fill OILS
Girl's name that sounds like a letter DEE
Hang (around) PAL
Hip-hop artist Kendrick ___ LAMAR
Homer's 'bulwark of the Achaeans' AJAX
Hotshot MRBIG
It has you covered EPIDERMIS
It may cover all the bases TARP
Language in which 'thank you' is 'grazzi' MALTESE
Lessor's log RENTROLL
Lifts a lot ELATES
Like many Second Viennese School works ATONAL
List in a 36-Down: Abbr APTS
Clues Answers
Little-known NONAME
Lives the dream HASITMADE
Longtime comic strip queen ALETA
Loses momentum SLOWS
Many an Instagram user TEEN
Master of the King's Music under George V ELGAR
Murder mystery staple BUTLER
Old TV channel that aired XFL games UPN
Part of many an emoticon NOSE
People's Sexiest Man Alive of 2001 BROSNAN
Pie wedges in Trivial Pursuit, e.g SIXTHS
Posthumous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee of 2014 COBAIN
Proverbial tools for wrongdoing IDLEHANDS
Rotten LOUSY
Ruling body? REF
Salt sack? BERTH
Screw feature SLOT
Severally APIECE
Single-speed two-wheeler FIXIEBIKE
Sri Lanka-to-Singapore dir ESE
Stamped TROD
Still in the box, perhaps MINT
Stowe heroine EVA
Taco stand add-on, in brief GUAC
Taken alone PERSE
Teflon, e.g RESIN
The way it is STATUSQUO
Third grade? AMINUS
Tyrant Amin IDI
Vile sort TOAD
Wax source BEE
What toothpaste goes on BRISTLES
___ Fresh (Tex-Mex chain) BAJA
___ process (sternum part) XIPHOID
___-poo (designer dog) SHIH