L.A. Times Daily - Feb 19 2016

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Clues Answers
"A Death in the Family" author AGEE
"Do the Right Thing" pizzeria SALS
"Spenser: For __" HIRE
"They that have done this deed are honourable" speaker ANTONY
'60s protest org SDS
1997 Elton dedicatee DIANA
Achieves DOES
Adjudicates TRIES
Adlai's running mate ESTES
Annoyance PEST
Athlete's wear, for short UNI
Big bag carrier SANTA
Big name in hairstyling SASSOON
Brazilian-themed Vegas hotel, with "The" RIO
Brought on LEDTO
Certain student TUTEE
Changing place CABANA
D.C.'s Walter __ National Military Medical Center REED
Depend RELY
Energetic and enthusiastic HIGHSPIRITED
Examined closely PROBED
Farrow of film MIA
Fifth-century conqueror HUN
First-serve figs PCTS
From the top ANEW
Govt. mtge. insurer FHA
Hammer number RAP
Handles NAMES
Hessian article EINE
Hole __ INONE
Hyperbola part ARC
If nothing else ATLEAST
Island reception ALOHA
Clues Answers
It increases during plant growth: Abbr MFG
Kung __ chicken PAO
Longhorn rival AGGIE
Maple syrup target EGGO
Market Fresh sandwich and salad seller ARBYS
Mennen lotion AFTA
Modify to fit ADAPT
Nearly ABOUT
Nebula Award genre SCIFI
One hoping to provide many happy returns? CPA
One may begin with "In a world ... " TRAILER
Ottoman title BEY
Philly trademark HOAGIE
Place for a Char-Broil PATIO
Psychedelic rock classic of 1967 PURPLEHAZE
Pull on TUGAT
Relative of Rex FIDO
Removes restrictions on, as funds UNFREEZES
Run up the score on HUMILIATE
Seek redress SUE
Start of an engagement? YES
State Department neighborhood ... and what 3-, 8- and 29-Down all have? FOGGYBOTTOM
Sudden stream SPURT
Suspected of misdeeds UNDERACLOUD
Tack on ADD
Take badly? POACH
Taoist complement YIN
Third-longest African river NIGER
Time of old Rome ANNUM
Tsk relative TUT
U-shaped, more or less HAIRPIN
Uncertain no EST
Uncommitted NEUTRAL
Unevenly distributed, in a way CLUSTERED