Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Feb 26 2016

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Clues Answers
'Give whirl!' ITA
'Thanks, Henri' MERCI
'The Three Musketeers' author DUMAS
As well TOBOOT
Authentic REAL
Big fair, for short EXPO
Borneo ape, for short ORANG
Capital on a fjord OSLO
Cartoon vamp Betty BOOP
Census stat AGE
Chopping tool AXE
Confuses BEFOGS
Cotton-eating pest WEEVIL
Deep chasm ABYSS
Delaware Water GAP
Disney mermaid ARIEL
Division word INTO
Doze (off) NOD
Drescher or Tarkenton FRAN
Dress (up) TOG
Energy ZIP
Feral feline OCELOT
Futile VAIN
Get rid of DEEPSIX
Greek cheese FETA
Greek letter PSI
High school subj SCI
Historic time ERA
Hot-tempered type SPITFIRE
impasse ATAN
IRS employee CPA
Jazz combo instrument SAX
Clues Answers
Joyful tune LILT
Kipling lad KIM
Lobbyists' org PAC
Mike Hammer's creator SPILLANE
Miss Muffet's bugaboo SPIDER
Ms. Thurman UMA
Nonfat milk SKIM
PC alternatives MACS
PC program APP
Peace, to Caesar PAX
Pencil filler LEAD
Present day? XMAS
Put on TV AIR
Quotable Berra YOGI
Raise a glass to TOAST
Rival rival ALPO
Rosary component BEAD
Roster LIST
Scale member SOL
Sciences' partners ARTS
Select group ELITE
Smooth-talking GLIB
Source ROOT
Sty chow SWILL
Sunshade PARASOL
Tiara jewel GEM
Trail the pack LAG
Under the weather ILL
Use a ray gun ZAP
Verdi opera AIDA
Writer Wiesel ELIE
Wyo. neighbor IDA
Yin counterpart YANG