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Clues Answers
'-- Day Will Come' OUR
'-- doin'!' ('Forget it!') NOTHIN
'-- hope so!' ISURE
'-- suggest that ...?' DAREI
'-- to Be You' ITHAD
'60s psychedelic LSD
'All of Me' director Carl REINER
'August: -- County' OSAGE
'Dracula' director Browning TOD
'Hurry up!' CMON
'Imagine --!' THAT
'Mr. Nobody' star Jared LETO
-- -Mart (retail giant) WAL
-- avis RARA
-- Reader UTNE
-- Strauss jeans LEVI
A while ago ONCE
Abounding in prickly plants THISTLY
About ASTO
Actress Dawson ROSARIO
African land UGANDA
Apple desktop IMAC
Apply an oily liquid to ANOINT
Aspire PC maker ACER
Beef cut LOIN
Beseech URGE
Big cracker brand RITZ
Bite, break or bruise INJURY
Blowup stuff TNT
Bridge parts GIRDERS
Buddhism school ZEN
Bullring shout OLE
Butter substitutes OLEOS
C minor, say CHORD
Cairo's river NILE
Calamitous effects DIRECONSEQUENCES
Canton-born architect I.M PEI
Clash between social groups CULTURECONFLICT
College term SEMESTER
Comforting in sorrow SOLACING
Competed in a regatta OARED
Conclusion FINALE
Dairy sound MOO
Deep green EMERALD
Deep purple PLUM
Desiccated SERE
Diamond-shaping method STEPCUT
Diner list MENU
Discretion PRUDENCE
Draws on USES
Drink name suffix ADE
Dunne of movies IRENE
Dweeby sort NERD
Efforts to protect ecosystems, say NATURECONSERVATION
Essence PITH
Existential declaration IAM
Extra refrigerator convenience ICEMAKER
Extremely bad weather, e.g SEVERECONDITIONS
Family appellations SURNAMES
Felon's deed CRIME
Film director Eastwood CLINT
Flub up ERR
Folding art ORIGAMI
French composer Jean-Philippe -- RAMEAU
Fruit coats RINDS
Gabor and Mendes EVAS
Genetic cell stuff DNA
Grafton's '-- for Innocent' IIS
Half of a zygote OVUM
Helped AIDED
Clues Answers
Here, in Arles ICI
Here-there linkup NOR
Hip-hop music RAP
Hip-hop record label DEFJAM
How very close games are won SLIMLY
Hushed 'Hey!' PSST
Husky-toned THROATY
In advance of PRIORTO
In advance of ERE
iPhone extra APP
It glances off the bat and counts as a strike FOULTIP
Jack Sprat's dietary rule NOFAT
Late-night flights REDEYES
Laundry detergent brand WISK
Little hotel INN
Longtime tech ad slogan (and a hint to this puzzle's theme) INTELINSIDE
Love god EROS
Low coral reef CAY
Madden ANGER
Many a PC image file GIF
Mao -- -tung TSE
Mileage rating gp EPA
Minute div SEC
Mixed breed MUTT
More exalted LOFTIER
Murphy of '48 Hrs.' EDDIE
Nero's 1,006 MVI
Not less than ATLEAST
Notable time stretch ERA
Offering at a memorial service SINCERECONDOLENCES
One walking TREADER
One writing briefs: Abbr ATTY
Org. for Michelle Wie LPGA
Philately item STAMP
Pre-euro Greek coin DRACHMA
Prefix with glyceride TRI
Prenatal test, briefly AMNIO
Prevention of a blaze from spreading FIRECONTAINMENT
Rabble-rouser AGITATOR
Recurring themes TROPES
River of Flanders YSER
Saddlery tool AWL
Saw edge NOTCH
School lobby gp NEA
Scrutinize, with 'over' PORE
Send in via helicopter, maybe AIRLIFT
Simile middle ASA
Skating great Yamaguchi KRISTI
Skin ailment ACNE
Slow, tempo-wise ADAGIO
Some snakes ASPS
Some vinyl records LPS
Stupid DAFT
Sunbathes TANS
Supped ATE
Text or email MESSAGE
Thom -- MCAN
To be, at the Louvre ETRE
Toque, e.g HAT
Track racer's windup LASTLAP
Trilogy start PARTI
Value highly TREASURE
Victims of NFL sacks QBS
When morning ends NOON
Yarn bundle SKEIN