USA Today - Feb 12 2016

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Clues Answers
"A show about nothing? That's so sad!" SEINFELDSOB
"American Idol" contestant Clay AIKEN
"It's too crowded at the Eiffel Tower!" FRENCHWHINE
"___ be good for you!" ITLL
Admiring utterances OOHS
Adrift on the Pacific ATSEA
Advanced in years OLD
African bloodsucking flies TSETSES
After peace is declared POSTWAR
Ancient kingdom of Asia Minor LYDIA
Anger IRE
Arm of Israel? UZI
Arrange, as a blind date SETUP
Barbershop quartet member TENOR
Bears witness ATTESTS
British flyers, briefly RAF
Clobbers with snowballs PELTS
Concert extenders ENCORES
Couldn't stand HATED
DDE's nickname IKE
Divest of munitions UNARM
Droopy cheek JOWL
Exudes, as confidence OOZES
Fancy sheet material SATIN
Fourth-year student SENIOR
Gambler's marker IOU
Garden mixes SOILS
Horse tender at an inn OSTLER
Hunks of marble SLABS
Isn't now WAS
It's got you surrounded AIR
Keanu Reeves' role in "The Matrix" NEO
Kind of first-aid pencil STYPTIC
Knight fight JOUST
Leave without leave DESERT
Legendary actor Holbrook HAL
Like royal succession LINEAL
Clues Answers
Male and female SEXES
Mini-bank ATM
Monopoly collections RENTS
Mother ___ (Nobel Peace Prize winner) TERESA
Mystical card TAROT
Nation of Roma ITALIA
Nest egg IRA
Not good BAD
One lending a hankie? WAILWATCHER
Pimply condition ACNE
Pin in an oarlock THOLE
Post-noon times, for short AFTS
Psychic's sextet SENSES
Put into a certain place SET
Razzed a performer BOOED
Reserved SEDATE
Rope loops NOOSES
Salary increase RAISE
Samson's betrayer DELILAH
Sauce made with pine nuts PESTO
Selected CHOSEN
Skylit rooms ATRIA
Snake, on occasion HISSER
Snooty person SNOB
Some bells and whistles ALARMS
Speaks with a speech impediment LISPS
Sphere of activity ARENA
Theater employees USHERS
Three-masted ship XEBEC
Top chart spot ONE
Tugboat service TOW
Twig used in grafting SCION
Underhanded campaign tactic SMEAR
What Santa gets? SOOTY
Wolf's greeting? HOWLDOYOUDO
___ Day O'Connor SANDRA