L.A. Times Daily - Feb 8 2016

Clues Answers
"Git along" little critter DOGIE
"I'm not impressed" MEH
"__ the Force, Luke" USE
50-and-over organization AARP
88 or 98 automaker OLDS
Actor McKellen IAN
Ancient Aegean region IONIA
Apt anagram of "aye" YEA
Arrived at second base headfirst, perhaps SLID
Bank transport vehicles ARMOREDCARS
Banned chem. pollutant PCB
Basil sauce PESTO
Big truck RIG
Birds on United States seals BALDEAGLES
Briefs, informally UNDIES
Catchall check box OTHER
Changed into BECAME
Commonly multi-paned patio entrances FRENCHDOORS
Confident crossword solver's tool PEN
Costa __ RICA
Dandelions, e.g WEEDS
Desert plants CACTI
Dr. Jekyll creator's monogram RLS
Earth Day mo APR
Edgar __ Poe ALLAN
Escaping-air sound SSS
Explosion noise BAM
Fertile desert spots OASES
Fuel additive brand STP
Give a ticket to CITE
Good vibrations, in the cat world PURRS
Hop out of bed ARISE
Kayak kin CANOE
Little songbirds WRENS
Longing feeling ACHE
Low operatic voices BASSI
Michael of "Caddyshack" OKEEFE
More like a cad RUDER
Clues Answers
Musicians found at the ends of 16-, 24-, 37- and 46-Across ROCKGROUPS
Old photo hue SEPIA
Organic fertilizer HUMUS
Patronized a help desk ASKED
Pitching stat ERA
Poetic nightfall EEN
Poisonous snake ADDER
Pops, to baby DADA
Post-race place for a NASCAR winner VICTORYLANE
Pres. before JFK DDE
Put the kibosh on ENDED
Quicken offerings LOANS
Real-estate holding account ESCROW
Red-nosed "Sesame Street" character ERNIE
Reebok rival ASICS
Reptiles known for their strong jaws SNAPPINGTURTLES
Riveting icon ROSIE
Sacred assurance VOW
Saudi Arabian export OIL
Send a racy phone message to SEXT
Shipping container CRATE
Smartphone wake-up feature ALARM
Somber melody DIRGE
Sound from a lily pad CROAK
South-of-the-border sun SOL
Sports venue with tiered seating ARENA
Started the poker kitty ANTED
Sticky road stuff TAR
Stubborn animal ASS
Tremble-inducing EERIE
Trembling tree ASPEN
Versatile, as a wardrobe MIXANDMATCH
Word for the calorie-conscious LITE
Youngsters TADS
Zoom up SOAR
__ Spumante ASTI
__-watching: TV viewing spree BINGE