New York Times - May 13 2008

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Clues Answers
'... ___ mouse?' ORA
'An invasion of armies can be resisted; an invasion of ___ cannot be resisted': Hugo IDEAS
'Farm' dwellers ANTS
'So's your old man!,' e.g. RETORT
'Wailing' instrument SAX
'___ Deep' (1999 Omar Epps film) INTOO
'___ my shorts!': Bart Simpson EAT
1960s sitcom with the catchphrase 'Sorry about that, Chief' GETSMART
40-Down, e.g. SUB
Accused's bad break BUMRAP
Ache reliever MASSEUR
Ancient Greek walkway STOA
Any ship SHE
As high as you can possibly go LIMIT
Ash containers URNS
Bag with handles TOTE
Blue, in Bogotá AZUL
Bluish hue TEAL
Brain, slangily NOODLE
British record label EMI
Cameo, e.g. GEM
Classic film company ... or a description of 17-, 32-, 46- and 65-Across? UNITEDARTISTS
Cold war weaponry ICBMS
Copacabana Beach locale RIO
Couple in the news ITEM
Cut again, as a turkey RECARVE
D.E.A. agent NARC
Farm sound BAA
Fr. holy woman STE
God, to Galileo DIO
Got rid of marks ERASED
Grip tightly CLENCH
Heavenly ELYSIAN
Highly excited AGOG
Howe'er THO
It's jumped in a high jump BAR
John of '3rd Rock From the Sun' LITHGOW
Let go CEDE
Like Yul Brynner, famously BALD
Clues Answers
Lima ladies: Abbr. SRAS
Midwestern tribe IOWAS
Mother goddess in Egyptian mythology ISIS
No-smoking ordinance, e.g. BAN
Norway's capital OSLO
Paths of pop-ups ARCS
Perfect IDEAL
Pharmaceutical watchdog grp. FDA
Poet Federico García ___ LORCA
Post-it note abbr. FYI
Prominent part of a Groucho disguise NOSE
Pulitzer-winning biographer Leon EDEL
Q-Tip target EARWAX
Rocky hill TOR
Says lovingly COOS
Show subtitled 'The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical' HAIR
Simile part LIKE
Sine qua ___ NON
Singers Clint + Patti BLACKSMITH
Singers James + Sly BROWNSTONE
Singers Neil + Courtney YOUNGLOVE
Singers Tom + Johnny PETTYCASH
Suffix with Caesar EAN
Tempura ___ (Japanese dish) UDON
They may be crunched ABS
They may be sown SEEDS
Uplifting poem ODE
Uris hero ARI
Vessel in 'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea' NAUTILUS
Vinegary ACIDIC
Where Kofi Annan earned his master's deg. MIT
Where to board a train: Abbr. STA
Widen, as a pupil DILATE
Wispy clouds CIRRI
Yale student ELI
___ dye AZO
___ Lee cakes SARA