Wall Street Journal - Feb 3 2016 - Tailor Swifties

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Clues Answers
'Enchanted' role for Anne Hathaway ELLA
'Fine, I'll remove the lining from your coat,' the tailor ___ DEFERRED
'I can sew them back together' was the tailor's ___ REJOINDER
'I've torn the pants' was the tailor's ____ confession UNSEEMLY
'That customer could be a model,' the tailor noted ___ FIGURATIVELY
'That's exactly one yard of colored fabric,' said the tailor in a ___ MEASUREDTONE
'The Death of Ivan Ilyich' author LEOTOLSTOY
'Ya think?' DUH
'___ Little Teapot' IMA
80 shares, say ODDLOT
A/C abbr BTU
Abrasive stuff EMERY
AFL partner CIO
Archie Manning's youngest son ELI
Blouse, for example TOP
Bother with barks YAPAT
Cellist Casals PABLO
Complete nonsense ROT
Copying ALA
Crying shame PITY
Emilia of 'Game of Thrones' CLARKE
Epitome of purity DRIVENSNOW
Fast food introduction of 1957 WHOPPER
Flow out EBB
Fluffy trio? EFS
Forum language LATIN
Frequent WikiLeaks target NSA
Goddess of abundance OPS
Guitar lesson topic CHORD
Handling the situation ONIT
Hermione's eventual husband RON
Hesitate (like a tailor?) HEM
Hippy dance HULA
Hoppy drink PALEALE
House position SEAT
Hum right along RUNWELL
Immune response participant TCELL
Clues Answers
iPad download APP
It might be unshakable ALIBI
JFK's veep LBJ
John Grisham's first bestseller THEFIRM
Legendary Bruin ORR
Like the Islamic calendar LUNAR
Lustful god SATYR
Mamie's predecessor BESS
More ominous DIRER
MRI component IMAGING
Needed a doctor AILED
Network: Abbr SYS
New Mexico's state flower YUCCA
Org. concerned with the class struggle? PTA
Pod opening? TRI
Quite zealous RABID
Rightmost marking on some faces III
Rocky phase of spaceflight REENTRY
Rooney of 'Carol' MARA
Royal entourage RETINUE
Secret location? ARMPIT
See 62-Down MEGO
Sight-related prefix OCULO
Sites with slips PIERS
Small drink TOT
State you don't want to be in ARREARS
Still in the closet, perhaps UNWORN
Surpasses EXCEEDS
Take a second tour REUP
Waiter-to-patron address SIR
What a prankster might drop TROU
When the flight's due, for short ETA
Winter home, for some DEN
With 32-Across, prisoner's plea LET
World Cup cry OLE
Wrong way to answer SAT questions ININK
Yankee Stadium setting BRONX