L.A. Times Daily - Feb 2 2016

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Clues Answers
"Dinner's ready" ITSDONE
"Eek!" YIPE
"For Better or for Worse," e.g COMICSTRIP
"I'm ready for the weekend!" TGIF
Actress Gardner AVA
Amer. ally in WWII USSR
Ballerina artist Edgar DEGAS
Bank acct. entry DEP
Banned pesticide DDT
Capital of Yemen SANAA
Cheri of "SNL" OTERI
Coach Steve of the NBA champion Golden State Warriors KERR
Conceal, as misdeeds COVERUP
Cosmetics giant AVON
Country club instructor PRO
Cow on a dairy container ELSIE
D.C. big shot POL
Energetic enthusiasm GETUPANDGO
Ensnare TRAP
Far from rattled CALM
Film part ROLE
Fine-grained wood YEW
Gets weak in the knees SWOONS
Grasp intuitively, in slang GROK
Greed and pride, for two SINS
Had food delivered ATEIN
Hors d'oeuvres bit CANAPE
Ironworks input ORE
Job for a plumber LEAK
Little marketgoer of rhyme PIGGY
Long-necked pampas bird RHEA
Meadow moms EWES
Message from the teacher NOTE
Message to employees MEMO
Nanny's nightmare BRAT
Clues Answers
NHL tiebreakers OTS
North Carolina university DUKE
Not as costly LESS
Obeyed the corner traffic sign CAMETOAFULLSTOP
Over and done with PAST
Part of many a six-pack BEERCAN
Pea jackets? PODS
Perimeter EDGE
Philosopher Descartes RENE
Place to buy a Nikon CAMERASHOP
Plucked instrument HARP
Prayer start OGOD
Prepare frantically for finals CRAM
Put off DEFER
Raising money for a children's hospital, say NOBLECAUSE
Self-gratifying pursuit EGOTRIP
Smoothie insert STRAW
Soft pitch LOB
Some Caltech grads EES
Sporty wheels COUPE
State fair structure TENT
Steamy room SAUNA
Stuns AWES
Sunscreen nos SPFS
Swedish furniture retailer IKEA
Top spot ACME
Track team member MILER
Turkey club spread MAYO
TV/radio-regulating agcy FCC
Uses Redbox, say RENTS
Very long time AEON
Warning about sealed-off escape routes from the police, four of whom are aptly positioned in this puzzle's circles YOURESURROUNDED
Weight-watcher's bane FLAB
What top seeds may get in tournaments BYES
Winans of gospel CECE
Windy City hub OHARE
Xbox One rival WIIU