L.A. Times Daily - Feb 1 2016

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Clues Answers
"Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!" poet DANTE
"The Mod Squad" role LINC
"__ on!": "Dinner!" SOUPS
*Football player using a tee PLACEKICKER
*Split the taxi fare SHAREACAB
*Travel website pitched by William Shatner PRICELINE
Actor Morales ESAI
Ancient region of present-day Turkey IONIA
Arthur Murray moves STEPS
Call it a day STOP
Chinese or Japanese ASIAN
Consequence of selfish acts, some say BADKARMA
Cowboy's home RANCH
Decorate, as with parsley GARNISH
Director DeMille CECIL
Do in, as a vampire SLAY
Enjoy a cigar SMOKE
Family car SEDAN
Fir or ash TREE
Floor plan meas SQFT
Fork feature TINE
French good-bye ADIEU
Get cheeky with SASS
Get more mileage out of REUSE
Gets new supplies for REFITS
GOP member REP
Great, in '90s slang PHAT
Greek war goddess ENYO
Grizzly youngster BEARCUB
Hanukkah pancake LATKE
Harbinger OMEN
Hold in high respect HONOR
House overhangs EAVES
Hummingbird's diet NECTAR
Ice-cream truck treat SNOCONE
In the style of ALA
It's prohibited NONO
Kitten-lifting spot NAPE
Love of one's life SOULMATE
Clues Answers
Lovers' meeting TRYST
Mini-exam QUIZ
More than sufficient AMPLE
Moves furtively SNEAKS
Narc's discovery KILO
New York's Tappan __ Bridge ZEE
Not worth discussing MOOT
Numbered book part PAGE
Pilot's prediction: Abbr ETA
Places to sleep BEDS
Pulled in different directions TORN
Racer Yarborough CALE
Rap fan BBOY
Salon request for prom night UPDO
Salty expanse SEA
Sch. near the Rio Grande UTEP
Scornful looks SNEERS
Secondary business venue, as for auto accessories ... and, literally, where the starts of the answers to starred clues can go AFTERMARKET
Sierra Club founder John MUIR
Slide on ice SKATE
Smartphone download APP
Some car deals LEASES
Sought morays EELED
Speeder's payment FINE
Suffix with 22-Down ERO
T-shirt sizes, for short SML
Take a chance on RISK
Tandoori flatbread NAAN
Tempest STORM
Tropical fruit GUAVA
Ventilate AIR
Vile Nile snakes ASPS
When doubled, American Samoa's capital PAGO
White House worker AIDE
Wipe clean ERASE
Witness SEE
Woman of la casa SENORA
__ and whistles: enhancements BELLS
__ Dakota NORTH