USA Today - Jan 26 2016

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Clues Answers
"A ___ of Two Cities" TALE
"Cast of thousands" member EXTRA
"Clumsy me!" OOPS
"Cogito, ___ sum" ERGO
"Dog Day Afternoon" chant ATTICA
"Don't rush me!" ONETHINGATATIME
"Fly away!" SHOO
"Green Gables" girl ANNE
"How exciting!" OOH
"Red state" grp GOP
Accredited diplomat ENVOY
Become dimmer FADE
Book after Joel AMOS
Book-review types LITERATI
Brimless headgear BERET
Bugs on a hill ANTS
Catches the scent SNIFFS
Certain color-changer DYER
Certain compass direction ENE
Certain Himalayan NEPALI
Certain princes EMIRS
Clear of trees DEFOREST
Click, as the fingers SNAP
Club requirement, sometimes TWODRINKMINIMUM
Contour feather PENNA
Cry heard on a golf course FORE
Debate to the extreme ARGUE
Dubuque resident, e.g IOWAN
Egg ___ (Yuletide drinks) NOGS
Enter GOIN
Evil supernatural being DEMON
Explosive initials TNT
Facetime alternative SKYPE
Fat lady's milieu OPERA
First man ADAM
Fishing net SEINE
Flame followers MOTHS
Gathers crops REAPS
Clues Answers
Get ___ the ground floor INON
Housebroken TAMED
It's fit to be tied in Japan OBI
Jealousy ENVY
Kolkata cloth DHOTI
Lasting impression? SCAR
Lion's retreat DEN
Make one's way out LEAVE
Marker alternative PEN
May honorees MOMS
Minimal rain DROP
More than dislike HATE
Multi-nation defense grp NATO
Nix from the president, e.g VETO
Notched, like a saw SERRATE
Opera's solo ARIA
Parting word BYE
Plane's home HANGAR
Poor, as excuses go LAME
Prefix for "night" MID
Schoolbag item, often THREERINGBINDER
Semiprecious stone ONYX
Sheik, for one ARAB
Skillet material IRON
Smell awful STINK
Some bowling feats SPARES
Tapered off ABATED
Ten million of them equal a joule ERGS
Tokyo, before it was Tokyo EDO
TV actress Spelling TORI
Used a microwave, in slang NUKED
Validates a contract SIGNS
White-flowered shrubs SPIREAS
Winged god of love EROS
Yard fraction FOOT
___ firma TERRA