USA Today - May 9 2008

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Clues Answers
''Better have a good attorney!'' SEEYOUINCOURT
''But ___ me, give me liberty . . .'' ASFOR
''God is not ___ . . .'' (Numbers) AMAN
''High Noon'' marshal KANE
''Julius Caesar'' attire TOGA
''Paradise Lost'' e.g. EPIC
''The Shelters of Stone'' author AUEL
2006 N. Korea announcement NTEST
Administrative branch ARM
After-midnight times WEEHOURS
Apiculturist BEEKEEPER
Arrange, as a meeting SETUP
Auto with a four-ring logo AUDI
Baltic capital RIGA
Bed accessory SHAM
Beginning of a date, often MONTH
Carrier in a tunnel TRAM
Clean Air Act org. EPA
Coif choice UPDO
Country distance MILE
Covered with water AWASH
Crawl out of one's skin? MOLT
Dare alternative TRUTH
Do-others link UNTO
Dog show concern GAIT
Dreamcast company SEGA
Dummy coin SLUG
Eaves dropper? RAIN
Empathize with RELATETO
F1 neighbor ESC
Features on some Vettes TTOPS
He's seen late LENO
Inn with stout drinks TAPHOUSE
It hooks big fish GAFF
It may be used for survival KIT
It might be enough ONCE
Kid's guessing game ISPY
Logical beginning? IDEO
Madrid Mrs. SRA
Clues Answers
Member of the opposition ANTI
Microbrewer's need HOPS
Monopolizes HOGS
Musical practice piece ETUDE
Mysterious John DOE
Nametag word HELLO
Not too intelligent DIM
Obey the dentist FLOSS
Off-road transport, for short ATV
Old-style ''Wow!'' GEEWHILLIKERS
Pheromone quality ODOR
Phishing, e.g. SCAM
Piece of parsley SPRIG
Poker player's declaration ICALL
Pretentious ARTSY
Responds to a cue, in a way ENTERS
Satisfied sounds AHS
Send, as to a specialist REFER
Sniffler's need TISSUE
Some lead to long drives TEESHOTS
Some old rentals VIDEOS
Southwestern sign-off ADIOS
Spherical opening? ATMO
Spotlight-avoiding SHY
Substantial sandwich HERO
They can get rough SEAS
Tympanic membrane site EAR
Type of real estate ownership FEESIMPLE
Unusually smart APT
Vicki Lawrence sitcom role MAMA
Victor at Brandywine HOWE
Voice between soprano and tenor ALTO
Weather map line ISOBAR
What a solo homer yields ONERUN
White-plumed waders EGRETS
Windshield glare reducer TINT
Wool fancier MOTH
Word with ''ginger'' or ''square'' ROOT
Worked as a tour guide LED