Wall Street Journal - Jan 26 2016 - Clarification At Last!

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Clues Answers
40-Across, e.g YANKEE
Amusement park attraction RIDE
Animation frame CEL
Arctic hazard BERG
Back of the neck NAPE
Bad for dieters FATTY
Beach creature CRAB
Biogenesis baseball scandal nickname AROD
By way of, informally THRU
Cabinet div DEPT
Case for a dermatologist ACNE
Caterer's coffee dispenser URN
Complete reversal UTURN
Cops who catch AWOLs MPS
Counter's beginning ONE
Dizzying designs OPART
Dullsville NOFUN
Earthling, in sci-fi TERRAN
Executive's staff AIDES
Film ___ (hard-boiled genre) NOIR
Forbidden TABOO
Former Georgia senator Sam NUNN
Frittata ingredients EGGS
Gas brand absorbed by BP AMOCO
Gaucho's rope RIATA
Give a benediction to BLESS
Harvey of 'Reservoir Dogs' KEITEL
Host of 'Sexually Speaking,' familiarly DRRUTH
Italian wine region ASTI
Jokester who likes to take bets? COMICBOOKIE
Kauai greeting ALOHA
Language that gives us 'enigma' and 'acrostic' GREEK
Language that gives us 'ransack' and 'berserk' NORSE
Largest tributary of the Mississippi OHIO
Like many floors TILED
Like the first leg of a triathlon SWUM
Clues Answers
Lingerie that makes no rustling sound? SILENTNIGHTIE
Main, for example WATERPIPE
March 17 honoree, for short STPAT
Mimicked APED
Muttonheads IDIOTS
O in a love letter HUG
Old TV character who liked oats MRED
Old West lawman Wyatt EARP
Only somewhat built up SEMIRURAL
Open, in a way UNCAP
Painful pang THROE
Paltry MERE
Par-beating score in threatening weather? THUNDERBIRDIE
Partridge's place PEARTREE
Pays attention to HEEDS
Performed really badly STUNK
Person waiting by the stage door after a show? PLAYGROUPIE
Piles ALOT
Place setting setting TABLETOP
Plain ___ (obvious) TOSEE
Puts a stop to ENDS
Quart, for short? RHYME
Reads for a part Auditions
Requirements NEEDS
S. Amer.'s Andes, for example MTNS
Salon offerings PERMS
Season to be jolly YULE
Showing potential PROMISING
Simple type of question YESNO
Ski slope lift TBAR
Stadium crowd FANS
Standard NORM
Staple of vegetarian cooking TOFU
Wind off of a spool UNREEL
___ volente (God willing) DEO