- Jan 24 2016

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Clues Answers
''Beauty and the Beast'' girl BELLE
''Cats'' inspirer's monogram TSE
''Garfield'' canine ODIE
''I think,'' to texters IMO
''Largemouth'' fish BASS
''Over the Rainbow'' ender CANTI
''Tobacco Road'' costume? SHACKDRESS
''__ porridge hot . . .'' PEASE
48-country continent ASIA
Accepts gladly WELCOMES
Artillery missing the mark? SHELLSHORT
At this point HERE
Atlas speck ISLET
Atomic emission ION
Attendee GOER
Ballgame beverage BEER
Barbering result? SHAVEDFACE
Batter's stat RBI
Beach volleyball also-ran? SHORELOSER
Because of DUETO
Become visible SHOW
Big lug APE
Bit of parsley SPRIG
Boycott the prom? SHUNDANCE
Briquettes COALS
Bugs' pursuer ELMER
Build-it-yourself chain IKEA
Bummed out MIFFED
Buzzing bunch BEES
Casts off EJECTS
Cerebral spark IDEA
Church council SYNOD
Conference room fixture TABLE
Contents of printer cartridges INKS
Crockett outpost ALAMO
Crosstown conveyance BUS
Cut with an axe HEW
Designer of 1980s cognac bottles ERTE
Dilemma metaphor JAWS
Earth tone TAUPE
Earth tone OCHER
Eccentric SPACY
Enactments LAWS
Encourages SPURS
Endeavor (to) TRY
English horn insert REED
Excessively TOO
Fall gradually SLIDE
Faux pas GAFFE
Faux pas ERROR
Fire starter SPARK
Flowage stopper DAM
Fracking-cost component? SHALEPRICE
Freeze over ICEUP
From the top AGAIN
Furious IRATE
Get tangled up RAVEL
Ghostly EERIE
Golf pro Karrie WEBB
GPS number LAT
Grab a bite EAT
Gross fraction DOZEN
Guitar music notation CHORD
Hodgepodge GOULASH
Home sites PLOTS
Informal British address GUV
Inhospitable attic GARRET
It captures Jumbotron smoochers KISSCAM
Karaoke equipment MIKES
Keyboard instrument CELESTA
Lara Croft portrayer JOLIE
List shortener ETAL
Clues Answers
Lit less DIMMED
Literary spoof SATIRE
Longs (for) ACHES
Lose fizz GOFLAT
Mailroom operations SORTS
Marked card? SHAMSPADE
Middle X or O TAC
Milne marsupial KANGA
Modern pointer LASER
Mondavi rival GALLO
Money-saving, in brand names ECONO
Ne'er-do-well BUM
New Zealand language MAORI
Newspaper essays OPEDS
Noah ancestor ADAM
Noah descendant HAM
Noggin BEAN
Not as polished DULLER
Of no consequence MOOT
Operatic piece ARIA
Pack away STOW
Paella ingredient RICE
Participates, with ''in'' OPTS
Play starter ACTI
Predicament, so to speak STEW
Prefix for cross MOTO
Prefix for scope PERI
Pride in one's book collection? SHELFESTEEM
Primed for action READY
Protestor's chorus CHANT
Publicist's concern IMAGE
Pucks, for instance DISCS
Resistance measures OHMS
RN workplaces ORS
Ruler in Polo's time KHAN
Sale stipulation ASIS
Salsa support CHIP
Scrabble 10-pointer ZEE
Seeks formally SOLICITS
Sherlock's cape fabric TWEED
Shooting marble AGATE
Shut down HALT
Singled out CHOSE
Sister brand of Smucker's jam JIF
Site of many Nobel Symposia OSLO
Social standing CASTE
Some PTA members DADS
Some undercover cops NARCS
Sophisticated crowd SMARTSET
Sound of a sneeze ACHOO
Sound rebound ECHO
Spirited tune LILT
Starfish arms RAYS
Steel-plow pioneer DEERE
Stirs up AROUSES
Taper off ABATE
Teamsters head since '99 HOFFA
Tell whoppers LIE
The color of honey AMBER
Things to wear GARB
Trade punches SPAR
Trails the pack LAGS
Trig ratio COSINE
Tropical hardwood TEAK
Twangy, as a voice NASAL
Type of tide NEAP
Unfavorably written up ONREPORT
Vast amount OCEAN
Very vivid, as a crayon NEON
Want badly CRAVE
Within reach NEAR
Words of rebuke? SHAMETOYOU
__ Valley, CA SIMI