The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 1,539 - Jan 22 2016

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Clues Answers
Animal repelled by feline and ovine males MARMOT
Announcement of an inhumane collection ACCRUAL
Arabian traveller's pr�cis of moral lesson? SINBAD
Brains in order, working at clues INTELLECTUALS
City crowd loses it, mourning symbol CYPRESS
Crazy American guy clutching nickel MANIC
Dissect or chop up quarry? EXAMINE
Disturbed nut cavorting with butler TURBULENT
Drink before noon, with too much time to knock back AMARETTO
Dud and Pete both ultimately fool about turning classic DEADLOSS
Go round about America, backing state funds TREASURY
Grease over cheese cloth TAFFETA
Is a name irretrievably lost in this? AMNESIA
Left Europe in short flight to go into hiding HOLEUP
Clues Answers
Local female to cut and run GALLOP
Mistreatment here sullies retreats somewhat ILLUSE
Not put into report for Independent? UNRELATED
One expected to attack hub to benefit person in care CENTREFORWARD
Perhaps hesitate over something fortified REDOUBT
Promotion of ointment and surgery nearly eradicated virus POLIO
Reduction in motion leaving duke with anxiety issues NEUROTIC
Spring with new produce SPAWN
The object is to support king dismissing united or joint complaint ARTHRITIS
This trifle won't get you drunk SMALLBEER
Uncivilised person taking salt with nuts mostly TARZAN
What frames paintings etc, to make less shocking? EARTH
Words from personnel when interrupting microwave warning? Phrasing
World group court involved in absolute cause of deflation PUNCTURE