- Jan 22 2016

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Clues Answers
''House'' actor EPPS
''I wish!'' IFONLY
''The Morning Show Murders'' author ALROKER
''The Simpsons'' catchphrase AYCARAMBA
''Told you!'' SOTHERE
47 Across training ctr OCS
Aforementioned PRIOR
Airport near OAK SFO
Antony's love AMOR
Arm-twisting DURESS
Beat it LEAVE
Campaign figures POLS
Cartoon genre ANIME
City near Des Moines AMES
Conjure up EVOKE
Consist of ARE
Consisted of WAS
Consulate purchase VISA
Date regularly SEE
DC stadium RFK
Delve into EXPLORE
Didn't sell SAT
Dines on HAS
Dr Pepper sister brand SNAPPLE
Drudge of yore SERF
Evening bash SOIREE
Express displeasure BOO
Final Chinese dynasty MANCHU
First claim, so to speak DIBS
Formal denial NAY
Frequent Pope Francis request PRAYFORME
From there THENCE
Fruit in Thai cuisine DURIAN
Go last END
Green creeper IVY
HBO talk host MAHER
Highest part ROOF
Clues Answers
Hungers YENS
Iron button STEAM
Male distinctive feature YCHROMOSOME
Miner matter ORE
Most gondoliers BOATMEN
Mysterious blip UFO
Newton address SIR
Nintendo franchise POKEMON
Noisy quarrel FRACAS
Not up to par OFF
Numbers game KENO
One of Dave's ''Late Night'' successors SETH
Outmoded: Abbr OBS
Paranormal power ESP
Part of UNLV LAS
Patch up HEAL
Petal plucker's word LOVES
Places for pins ALLEYS
Prefix for state INTRA
Promoted recruit, perhaps NONCOM
Propel SEND
Publisher of ''Our Children'' magazine PTA
Put in a plug for PROMOTE
Rachel, in ''Sherlock Holmes'' IRENE
Reason for optimism RAYOFHOPE
Rose of ''Damages'' BYRNE
Shelley alma mater ETON
Since Jan. 1 YTD
Smart-alecky FLIP
Some hybrids TOYOTAS
Strong grippers VISES
Sushi topper ROE
Thin fragment SLIVER
Turbine part ROTOR
TV science educator NYE
Up now WOKEN
Wagon part AXLE