New York Times - Jan 20 2016

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Clues Answers
'Clearly Different' eye care chain PEARLE
'Loot' playwright Joe ORTON
'Quite correct' ITISSO
'The buck stops here' prez HST
'The Wire' actor ___ Elba IDRIS
'When will ___ learn?' IEVER
Adopts, as a stray TAKESIN
Arsenal stock AMMO
Aunt of Prince William ANNE
Battle of Normandy town STLO
Big wheel VIP
Bothers no end EATSAT
Branch out RADIATE
Brand of skimpy swimwear SPEEDO
Break off completely SEVER
Charles who wrote 'Peg Woffington' READE
Cocktail made by combining the ends of 17-, 26- and 38-Across DRYMARTINI
Common pasta suffix INI
Con man's scheme ANGLE
Cross-dressing Streisand character YENTL
Declare AVER
Delta locale RIVERMOUTH
Deposits of glacial debris MORAINES
Dickens classic ... and, phonetically, two garnishes for a 49-Across? OLIVERTWIST
DiFranco who created Righteous Babe Records ANI
Exchange program for preschoolers? DIAPERSERVICE
Fall clearance item? RAKE
Fare for the toothless PAP
Fifth installment of a miniseries PARTV
Guides for D.I.Y.'ers HOWTOS
Help for the puzzled HINT
James who sang 'At Last' ETTA
Label again, as a file RENAME
Lassie's turndown NAE
Late-night host before Carson PAAR
Like some top-quality kitchen oil EXTRAVIRGIN
Many KOA patrons RVERS
Clues Answers
Nativity scene beast ASS
One who might type 'OMG' or 'CYA' TEXTER
Online Q&A session AMA
Org. originally known as the National Congress of Mothers PTA
Passed with ease ACED
Pitch-correcting audio processor AUTOTUNE
Place for pickles JAR
Plumbing joint TEE
Refusing to listen DEAF
Scenes in shoeboxes, say DIORAMAS
Schnapps flavoring PEACH
Sci-fi visitors ETS
See 13-Down ZADORA
Sénat accord OUI
Slangy rebuttal to 65-Across AINT
Soaks so as to extract flavor STEEPS
Some decaf orders SANKAS
Stave off DETER
Steely Dan album of 1977 AJA
Successfully woo WIN
Tax planner's recommendation, for short IRA
Temporarily FORATIME
Tennis ball fuzz NAP
The first 'A' of 59-Across ASK
Toddler's wheels TRIKE
Top 40 fare POPMUSIC
Top-shelf CLASSA
Treat, as table salt IODIZE
Ump's call after 'Time!' PLAY
Under threat ATRISK
Unedited, as footage RAW
Veer off course ERR
Vehicles for the Unsers INDYCARS
Went underground HID
Where many people solve crosswords, for short LAV
With 44-Down, 'Butterfly' Golden Globe winner PIA
Word abbreviated on fight cards VERSUS