Universal - Jan 16 2016

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Clues Answers
"Beats me," slangily DUNNO
"Filthy" dough LUCRE
"I ___ your pardon?" BEG
"Modern Family" name CAM
"Scooby-Doo" character SHAGGY
Actresses Tilly and Ryan MEGS
Almost, but not quite NEARLY
An order of the court WRIT
Andorran's tongue CATALAN
Arizona flattop MESA
At all times, in verse EER
Autocrat of yore TSAR
Away from the shore (Var.) SEAWARDS
Beethoven's final symphony NINTH
Bethlehem trio MAGI
Black-and-white cookies OREOS
Bridges or Geste BEAU
Classifieds, e.g ADS
Coldwater fish SMELT
Combustible funeral structures PYRES
Concluded ENDED
Cutting from the payroll AXING
Depressed urban area GHETTO
Desires YENS
Dirt road depression RUT
Do one's darndest TRY
Early morning time TENPASTFOUR
Engaged in combat ATWAR
Fall shade OCHER
Forelimb bones ULNAS
Four make an acre ROODS
From the beginning ABINITIO
Go quickly HIE
Got up AROSE
History chapters ERAS
Holiday for a holiday? INN
Homer Simpson's catchword DOH
Incisor neighbor CANINE
Clues Answers
It's bigger than a test EXAM
Latvia's largest city RIGA
Lawrence of Scandinavia LARS
Learned ___ (wised up) ATHINGORTWO
Like some dresses or shoes SIZEEIGHT
Mickey Mouse's pet pooch PLUTO
Mideast's ___ Strip GAZA
Mil. entertainment group USO
More fitting APTER
More hackneyed TRITER
Musical time-out REST
Nero was his 2-Down SENECA
Newspaper section OPED
On what the Earth turns AXIS
One-on-one student TUTEE
Orange coat RIND
Pencil holders, sometimes EARS
Prefix with "Chinese" or "European" INDO
Puts away, as luggage STOWS
Quite some way AFAR
Roofing material SLATE
Scrooge's comment BAH
Short evening? NITE
Shortened form of a wd ABBR
Shorthand taker, for short STENO
Sister monsters of mythology GORGONS
Smartphone download APP
Smoker's need ASHTRAY
Southern Spanish city GRANADA
Speaks like the Lord? SAITH
Spring fall SHOWER
The Supreme Court, for one ENNEAD
Three dozen THIRTYSIX
Tip precariously TEETER
Try a mouthful TASTE
Way out EXIT
What limericks do RHYME