Wall Street Journal - Feb 9 2001 - February 9, 2001 - Ticker Symbols

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Clues Answers
'And ___ go, preach': Matthew 10:7 ASYE
'Angry Candy' writer ELLISON
'Starpeace' recorder YOKOONO
'The Law of the Lash' cowboy LARUE
'Toodles!' TATA
'Unforgettable' Cole NAT
'What's ___ me?' ITTO
'Where the ___' (Billie Letts book) HIS
'You ___ here' ARE
'___ Mood' INTHE
2000 Peach Bowl winner LSU
Acts the informant SINGS
Amazon.com, e.g. ETAILER
As a result of DUETO
Band booster AMP
Bar assn. member ATT
Be uncooperative SAYNO
Behind the times PASSE
Big name in small trucks TONKA
Big wheel VIP
Bottle label amt. RDA
Bride's wardrobe TROUSSEAU
Burn, in a way SCATHE
Came down to earth ALIT
Classic 1843 story, with 'The' TELLTALEH
Columnist Huffington ARIANNA
Combo's offering SET
Comfort SOLACE
Company that may copy your business plan KINKOS
Conclusion, in a proof QED
Conclusion, in a score FINIS
Contemptible folks SWINE
Court call LET
Crackpot NUT
Cry of enlightenment AHA
Debtor's letters IOU
Decorative knob FINIAL
Deeply felt INNER
Dep.'s opposite ARR
Designer Anna SUI
Earth movers HOES
Elbow bender SOT
Emulates Elvis Stojko SKATES
Encourage HEN
Fade away EVANESCE
Fire drill activity EVACUATING
Fortune PILE
Forum farewell AVE
Frat party staple KEG
Freak out GOAPE
Gin flavorer JUNIPER
Golfer Andrew MAGEE
Good things to have at dinner HYAPPETITES
Historic first of 1967 HTRANSPLANT
Hits on B'way SROS
Hollywood power broker's uniform ARMANISUIT
Home to the Al-Hajar Mountains OMAN
Honker SNOOT
Hosp. area ICU
Hot spots HHS
In that order: Abbr. RESP
It may be in a jam FRUIT
It shows the way MAP
Keogh plan's kin SEP
Kind of mail or box VOICE
Lab fluids SERA
LAPD alerts APBS
Laugh line, e.g. CREASE
Legal suffix ESE
Like 100 decibel sounds LOUD
Like a buyer's market SOFT
Clues Answers
Like Kirk's chin CLEFT
Locker art PINUP
Lopsided UNEQUAL
Low digit TOE
Lucy of 'Ally McBeal' LIU
Lyric work ODE
Magic Johnson's number 10,141 ASSISTS
Major cold snap ICEAGE
Mazel ___ TOV
Mile counters ODOMETERS
Muscle manipulator OSTEOPATH
Musophobe's cry EEK
Noisy fireworks PETARDS
Nuke-detecting U.S. satellite VELA
Office door attachments NAMEPLATES
One way to take advice TOH
Org. that deals with class issues? PTA
Outcome of a wake-up call AROUSAL
Overtime cause TIE
Part of Q&A ANS
Perfume SCENT
Place, in brief LOC
Printer tray abbr. LTR
Racer's sponsor, perhaps STP
Rapscallions IMPS
Religious schools YESHIVAS
Renounce formally ABJURE
Reynolds acquirer of 2000 ALCOA
Reynolds who pitched two no-hitters ALLIE
Rural power org. TVA
Salad ingredients ARTICHOKEHS
Scout master? TONTO
Seeming eternity EON
Senators' org. NHL
Sheepish response BAA
Shoebox letters EEE
Shot from the Civil War, perhaps TINTYPE
Show opener, often THEMESONG
Signs of generosity BIGHS
Sis's sib BRO
Site of some Washington touchdowns DULLES
Some play lines ASIDES
Sport whose champion is the 'Yokozuna' SUMO
Starts SHIES
Stately dance PAVANE
Subject of many country songs HACHE
Sure winner SHOOIN
Target of generosity DONEE
The T in telegraphy DAH
They give you backbone VERTEBRAS
They put pep in your step STIMULANTS
They're numbered in NYC STS
This, to Jorge ESTO
Throws off EMITS
Tiebreakers, e.g. HSTOPPERS
Took the plunge FELL
Tough puzzle POSER
Track runners TRAINS
Tracy's love TRUEH
Unctuous OILY
Unruly hairdo MOP
Valentines SWEETHS
Villain's look SNEER
War stoppers PACTS
Water buy LITER
Word on an overseas stamp AVION
Words of gloating EATYOURHOUT
Young fellows LADS
Zodiac critter RAM
___ Cole (newsmaker of October 2000) USS
___ Tomb (longtime Red Square attraction) LENINS