L.A. Times Daily - Jan 12 2016

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Clues Answers
"Gotcha" ISEE
"Now!" in memos ASAP
"Peter, Peter, pumpkin __" EATER
"Veep" channel HBO
*Alabama team CRIMSONTIDE
*Dieter's concern WEIGHTGAIN
*Tinseltown trade SHOWBIZ
43,560 square feet ACRE
Actress O'Donnell ROSIE
Actress Teri GARR
Actress Vardalos NIA
Actress Wood NATALIE
Batman and Robin, e.g DUO
Boater or bowler HAT
Boston Bruin great Bobby ORR
Boxers Muhammad and Laila ALIS
Cambodia's continent ASIA
Circle segments ARCS
Clearasil targets ZITS
Coppertone user's goal TAN
Cosmetician Lauder ESTEE
Cribbage marker PEG
Crystal ball gazer SEER
Cubs Hall of Famer Banks ERNIE
Decorate again REDO
Dickens' Drood EDWIN
Dietary supplement obtained from predatory fish SHARKOIL
Doughnut with a twist CRULLER
Earl Grey, for one TEA
Eggs OVA
English elevator LIFT
Eye layer containing the iris UVEA
Fashionable INSTYLE
Fighting ATWAR
Fisherman's Wharf entrée SEABASS
French I infinitive ETRE
Clues Answers
Hawaiian wreath LEI
Honey makers BEES
In any way ATALL
Item inserted through eyelets SHOELACE
Kevin of "Dances With Wolves" COSTNER
La Brea goo TAR
Lear daughter REGAN
Lengthy litany ... and, literally, what the ends of the answers to starred clues comprise LAUNDRYLIST
Letter before upsilon TAU
Like xenon and krypton INERT
Longtime Buick model LESABRE
Longtime partner of Siskel EBERT
Monkey suits TUXES
Nappy leather SUEDE
Newspaper revenue source ADS
Nonpro sports org AAU
Okla. neighbor TEX
One committed to a military career LIFER
One of 14 in a pro's golf bag CLUB
Pack the groceries BAG
Quite a blow JOLT
Railroad bridge support TRESTLE
Ripped TORE
Sports MD's specialty ORTH
Step on a ladder RUNG
Suffix with psych OTIC
Sugary ending OSE
Swing support LIMB
Swiss river AARE
Tree also called basswood LINDEN
TV brand RCA
Up on a map NORTH
Vein in the neck JUGULAR
Very long time EON
Woodwind instrument OBOE
x or y, on graphs AXIS
Yellowstone grazer ELK
__-cone: shaved ice dessert SNO
__-Wan Kenobi OBI