- Jan 12 2016

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Clues Answers
''Are not!'' comeback AMSO
1910s conflict: Abbr WWI
Adds frosting to ICES
Apple's music player IPOD
Artist's workplace STUDIO
Becoming a blonde, perhaps DYEING
Behind schedule LATE
Book of maps ATLAS
Bride's new title, often MRS
Chain of hills RIDGE
Comedian's one-liner GAG
Complainer's comment IPROTEST
CPR expert EMT
Creative technique STYLE
Curtain holder ROD
Dirties SOILS
Do the driving STEER
Double-__ sword EDGED
Envelope's metal fastener CLASP
Evaluates RATES
Explorer Polo MARCO
Female choir voice ALTO
Flowery shrub AZALEA
Frying liquid OIL
Goodyear's aerial vehicles BLIMPS
Got a perfect score on ACED
Greatly impress AWE
Grind, as teeth GNASH
Hang around STAY
Harvest REAP
Homeowner's document DEED
Hotel units: Abbr RMS
In the lead AHEAD
Kindergarten basics ABCS
Living in overly spacious quarters RATTLINGAROUND
Long sandwiches HEROS
Long __ (in the past) AGO
Mails away SENDS
Clues Answers
Maple syrup source SAP
Mistakes ERRORS
More than enough AMPLE
Needing darning TORN
Nosy person PRIER
Obtain GET
Out of bed ASTIR
Parcels out ALLOTS
Physically active ATHLETIC
Pizzeria order PIE
Point toward AIMAT
Pre-game baseball warmup BATTINGPRACTICE
Prefix for sphere HEMI
Professor's deg., often PHD
Project's details, for short SPECS
Pull from behind TOW
Quiche ingredient EGG
Rather late lunch hr TWOPM
Sci-fi vehicles, for short UFOS
Scornful look SNEER
Select, with ''for'' OPT
Shopping center MALL
Sir __ Newton ISAAC
Small-minded PETTY
Sneaky SLY
Soccer or hockey SPORT
Spicy-tasting ZESTY
Sports cable channel ESPN
Steal from ROB
Street urchin WAIF
Sunbather's shade TAN
Take a look at SEE
Take advantage of USE
Take an oath SWEAR
Texas city WACO
Tourist destination off the California coast CATALINAISLAND
Trapper's device SNARE
Unearthed DUGUP
Wide smile GRIN