The Washington Post - Jan 8 2016

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Clues Answers
''Bullitt'' director Peter YATES
'I'm speaking today from an area of great poverty ...' INTHEGHETTO
'Our world can be emotionally unsettling ...' ALLSHOOKUP
'Rabbit, Run' novelist UPDIKE
'Show compassion for your neighbors ...' DONTBECRUEL
'The time is right for us to act decisively ...' ITSNOWORNEVER
'We must move beyond thinking only of ourselves ...' STUCKONYOU
'___ Miz' LES
Acronym for a drone UAV
Ankle bones TARSI
Author Zora ___ Hurston NEALE
Bart, to Homer SON
Belgium-based imaging company AGFA
Big parties GALAS
Cacophony DIN
China's Chairman ___ MAO
Communicated with, in a way WROTETO
Cooperstown's ___ Lake OTSEGO
Devious laugh HEH
Diarist Anaïs NIN
Dr. of rap DRE
Exactly divisible by two EVEN
Fitting APT
Former despot Amin IDI
Give a star to, say RATE
Hesitant speech sounds UMS
It's a mined thing ORE
June honoree DAD
Kind of exam ORAL
Lady of Lyons (abbr.) MME
Land O'Lakes product OLEO
Late film critic Roger EBERT
Lean-___ (temporary shelters) TOS
Light a fire under MOTIVATE
Low, continuous sound MURMUR
Melodramatic lament WOEISME
Mongolian desert GOBI
Clues Answers
Mtn. stat ELEV
Mullah's faith ISLAM
Musical selection NUMBER
Nabisco brand OREO
On summer vacation, maybe ATCAMP
One may be a soldier ANT
One of a climatic quartet (abbr.) SPR
Ones who work on wheels POTTERS
Palindromic pop group ABBA
Performer who remains silent MIME
Phone, slangily HORN
Pilot's zone that may be restricted AIRSPACE
Place PUT
Quarterback Manning ELI
Required science class component, usually LAB
Sacred songs PSALMS
Salt-___ (hip-hop group) NPEPA
Show unsteadiness WOBBLE
Slow to catch on DENSE
Small metric weight GRAM
Soaks, as a tea bag STEEPS
Spots for many teens? ACNE
Stacks PILES
Take a breath INHALE
The 'King' who was born 81 years ago today ELVIS
The Snake River snakes through it IDAHO
Theologian's subj REL
Thunderstruck reaction AWE
Title character in 'The Little Mermaid' ARIEL
Train in the ring SPAR
Universal remedy PANACEA
Where to get 'Adam and Eve on a raft' DINER
Wimbledon do-over LET
Withdraw gradually WEAN
Xmas figure STNICK
Yard divisions FEET
Yokel RUBE
Zenith ACME