New York Times - Jan 7 2016

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Clues Answers
'Hallelujah!' HOTDIGGITY
'How now!' follower in 'Hamlet' ARAT
'It's my understanding that ...' IASSUME
'Juno and the Paycock' setting DUBLIN
'Yep, you're right' TRUEDAT
1950s sex symbol BRAND
Abdullah I made it a capital city AMMAN
Actress Singer LORI
Appealing in appearance WINSOME
Apple's apple and others LOGOS
Banana ___ SEAT
Blue state? WOE
Boxer's achievement, for short TKO
Boxer, e.g., for short DEM
Chocolaty goodie REO
Cleveland's bills, for short THOUS
Closest friend, informally BESTIE
Colorado tributary GILA
Come with BRING
Cry for help, or a time for celebration MAYDAY
Cupped apparel BRA
Decide (to) OPT
Diner option BOOT
Draft letters SSS
Eats (at) GNAWS
Expose, in verse OPE
Former Alaska politico Stevens TED
French star ETOILE
India's national anthem was originally written in it BENGALI
Interoffice email abbr ATTN
Jacket flap COATTAIL
King's little cousin TWIN
Large numbers ROVES
Lassoed OPED
Literature Nobelist between Hermann Hesse and T. S. Eliot ANDREGIDE
Longtime leader in late-night LEN
Clues Answers
Mom and dad, slangily THEOLDS
Much of a literature class's studies NOVELS
Musician Brian ENO
Non-P.C. add-on? ESS
Passing remark? NAH
Pirate-fighting org RIAA
Poetic preposition OER
Political commentator Molly IVINS
Questions DOUBTS
Result of a perfect shot SWISH
Round numbers? EROS
See 34-Across WITHOUT
See 34-Across BORDERS
See the humor in GET
Set opening? PRE
Short-term retail location, nowadays POPUPSTORE
Site for a famed garden DEN
Staff ROD
Stage legend Hagen UTA
Stand outs? ALIBIS
Star of the short-lived reality show 'I Pity the Fool' MRT
Strains with sadness DIRGE
Sum for keeping mum HUSHMONEY
Sweets alternative HON
Terminal listing, in brief ETD
Think (over) CHE
Totally far-fetched ASININE
TV host who inspired Neil deGrasse Tyson SAGA
Unspecified amount ANY
Variety KIND
Variety ILK
Walgreens competitor RITEAID
What you might meet someone for DRINKS
With 36- and 40-Across, organization whose name hints at some missing letters in this puzzle DOCTORS
Wordsmiths' paeans ODES
Worker who may skim off the top? POOLBOY
Zulu, e.g BANTU
___ idol TEEN