The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,003 - Jan 6 2016

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Clues Answers
A dosser's roll-up? SLEEPINGBAG
Agitated nervous response by loud Frenchman FRENETIC
Antipathy of detective as test develops DISTASTE
Apprentice in quandary is oblivious BLIND
Besides, is the boxing to stop? DESIST
Colour of one during visit climbing tree? LILAC
Continue being a hired thug GOON
Crushed from work and in a hurry OPPRESSED
Cuts credit for item of tableware that's singularly useless CHOPSTICK
Democrats go off universal registers POPULISTS
English mature cheddar finally gets you hungry EAGER
Exotic Thai island, or somewhere in the Caribbean? HAITI
Hoping to be sacked during strike's climax HIGHPOINT
Just bank on Mike losing heart MERELY
Kind of music college now without women TECHNO
Clues Answers
Long Island cat's salvation? LIFELINE
Married vets regularly employed by Post Office ESPOUSED
Nothing outside area is secure NAIL
Oddly frail and delicate misconception FALLACY
Pair off with student for a month APRIL
Paper that deceives crown? FOOLSCAP
People who deride small chests SCOFFERS
Planned key medical after school SCHEMED
Prop up, only lock BUTTRESS
Quiet group boxed in by American troubles UPSETS
Shock may be so definite CUTANDDRIED
Surprised, feeling the current? SHOCKED
Talk about republic in Africa GABON
Undecided about sacking editor, yet keeping editor once persuaded INDUCED
Women on a popular Glaswegian panel WAINSCOT