The Washington Post - Dec 28 2015

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Clues Answers
'Chiquitita' quartet ABBA
'Don't have ___!' ACOW
'Fargo' director COEN
'Get outta here!' SCAT
'Hooked on Classics' co KTEL
'Lovely' Beatles girl RITA
'The Thin Man' pooch ASTA
Abbey area APSE
Absorb abuse TAKEIT
AC unit BTU
Adjust, as a steering wheel UPTILT
Be in a cast ACT
Ben Jonson's 'An ___ to Himself' ODE
Blond shade ASH
Break REST
Burns up IRES
Came to AWOKE
Canal site PANAMA
Capetown coins RANDS
Capital on the Bight of Benin ACCRA
Cause for a pause COMMA
Celestial bear URSA
Challenges for dune buggies? BEACHBUMPS
Coward of note NOEL
DDE's alma mater USMA
Draw a bead on AIMAT
Eastwood's 'Rawhide' role YATES
Escort's offering ARM
Extend credit LEND
Feed the kitty ANTE
Gang slang for a gun HEATER
Gathering clouds, say OMEN
Gender-neutral choice HISORHER
Give the slip to LOSE
Grammy winner Khan CHAKA
Hardly exciting DRAB
Hip-hop headwear DORAG
Clues Answers
Impolite dinner sound SLURP
In danger of snapping TENSE
John Irving title character GARP
Latitude PLAY
Less cordial ICIER
Milk dispenser? UDDER
Monopoly income RENTS
Morgue, for one RUE
Mythology anthology EDDA
Natasha's cartoon comrade BORIS
Nile reptile ASP
Numbered rd RTE
Ole Miss rival BAMA
Olive ___ OYL
Pages from one's sweetie? HONEYBEEPS
PIN requester ATM
Plane measurement AIRSPEED
Political suffix CRAT
Possible consequence of bad service NOTIP
Prize since 1949 EMMY
Quarrel SPAT
Reactions from shocked botanists? GREENHOUSEGASPS
Really bothered ATEAT
Relative with secrets? CRYPTOGRAMPS
River of Belgium YSER
Snack for a dieter RICECAKE
Some small, strong fish? COMPACTCARPS
Spare parts? PINS
Synthetic TESTTUBE
Tire tracks RUTS
Unrefined CRASS
Voting 'no' ANTI
When doubled, a Pacific capital PAGO
Winter warmers PARKAS
___ prof ASST
___ Today USA