Universal - Apr 28 2008

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Clues Answers
''Deck the Halls'' words LAS
''Gilligan's Island'' constructions HUTS
A billion years, geologically EONS
Adversaries in Risk ARMIES
Arbiters of plays REFS
Assayer's specimen ORE
Bank offerings, for short IRAS
Biblical verb ending EST
Bottle cap? NIPPLE
British poet laureate Nicholas ROWE
Callous cad HEEL
Catches some rays BASKS
Cause of some shaking AGUE
Cinerary vessel URN
Companions' separator AND
Company's wares LINE
Contemplative one MUSER
Count (on) RELY
Crossword category EASY
Derby wear SILKS
Detects ESPIES
Distance covered by a flight? STORY
Entirely edible RIPE
Feature of a PayDay NUTTYTASTE
Focus of some exhibits ART
Frankenstein's monster features BOLTS
Gave it the old college try? ESSAYED
Give vent to anger ERUPT
He had a blue ox BUNYAN
He keeps a clean plate UMP
Hero of a Virgil epic AENEAS
Is repentant RUES
It should be changed regularly OIL
It's blue, in song DANUBE
Item with a concave top TEE
Japanese battle cry in WWII BANZAI
Jason's boat ARGO
Kind of organ REED
Clues Answers
Latin for ''to be'' ESSE
Legal lead-in PARA
Litmus, essentially DYE
Lobster eggs ROE
Luge, for one SLED
Napoleon locale BAKERY
Nay-saying ANTI
Nose bag nibble OAT
Numbers person, briefly CPA
Object of desire? ENVY
Old Greek malls AGORAS
Part of a Happy Meal FRIES
Petal-plucker's word SHE
Rarin' to go EAGER
Revered Sioux chief CRAZYHORSE
Rough-mannered GRUFF
Round the bend DAFT
Rustic locale LEA
Sailor's lungful SEAAIR
Scissors cut SNIP
Seasoning from the laurel tree BAYLEAF
Seinfeld's old network NBC
Singing birds WARBLERS
Some agcy. employees TEMPS
Some beauty parlor employees STYLISTS
Suitable to the occasion APT
Teaspoonfuls, sometimes DOSES
Tel ___ AVIV
Television innovator John BAIRD
They're good for a giggle FUNNYPAPERS
Toscanini and Iturbi, for two MAESTRI
Turkish military leaders (Var.) AGHAS
Warner Bros. creation LOONEYTUNES
Was published RAN
Web-footed diving birds AUKS
What Old Mother Hubbard's dog had NONE
Word with ''knee'' or ''riding'' BREECHES
___-night (unscrupulous) FLYBY