Jonesin' - Dec 22 2015

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Clues Answers
'And there you have it!' VOILA
'Be on the lookout' message APB
'Being and Nothingness' author SARTRE
'Game of Thrones' actress Chaplin OONA
'Good Eats' host Brown ALTON
'I'm on ___!' AROLL
'Ice Age' sloth SID
'In My Own Fashion' autobiographer Cassini OLEG
'Oh ___! -- it's full of stars!' (line from the novel '2001') MYGOD
'Pet' annoyance PEEVE
'Poetry Out Loud' org NEA
'Reader' founder Eric UTNE
'The Kiss' artist Gustav KLIMT
'Undersea World' explorer Jacques COUSTEAU
'Your Movie Sucks' author Roger EBERT
180 degrees from SSW NNE
1950s Hungarian leader Nagy IMRE
Allow LET
Anonymous Richard in court cases ROE
Appease fully SATE
Baby food, typically PUREE
Baseball Hall-of-Famer Tony GWYNN
BBQ specialty RIBS
Bitterly regret RUE
Blue used in printing CYAN
Brief writer LAWYER
British artist Lucian FREUD
Checkers pieces MEN
Cholesterol-laden burger topper FRIEDEGG
Crows' cousins JAYS
Describing a living organism process (unlike, say, from a test tube) INVIVO
Evades the seeker HIDES
First name among early 'SNL' regulars GILDA
Golfer's support TEE
Goth necklace pendants ANKHS
Grant another mortgage RELOAN
Key holder FOB
Last name in cartoon skunks LEPEW
LAX listing ETD
Clues Answers
Legendary coach Parseghian ARA
Letterhead illustrations LOGOS
Like some French sauces WINEY
Lose sensation GONUMB
Low-down sort CUR
Lowest two-digit positive integer TEN
Make some z's SNORE
Maryland's state bird ORIOLE
Membership charge FEE
Modern, in Munich NEU
Mountaintop feature VIEW
Northernmost NYC borough BRONX
Observation from one person to another, part 1 INEVERSEE
Observation, part 2 YOUGAGEATING
Observation, part 3 COTTAGECHEESE
Pair of bunnies? ENS
Pomade alternative GEL
Pool table fabric FELT
Possible pigeon perch LEDGE
Prefix sometimes seen around vasectomies URO
Rake in EARN
Red or Dead follower SEA
Response to the observation, part 1 WELLITSNEVER
Response, part 2 ACURDTOME
Say some naughty words SWEAR
Scarab, e.g BEETLE
Shrek, for example OGRE
Singer who dropped 'McEntire' from her performing name REBA
Small songbird WREN
Stick (out) JUT
Street of bad dreams? ELM
Tesla founder Musk ELON
Titanic obstacle BERG
What's happening EVENT
Where it's happening VENUE
Word before craft or board HOVER
Yuppie's German car, slangily BEEMER
___ a fox SLYAS