The Guardian - Quiptic crossword No 840 - Dec 21 2015

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Clues Answers
Anger near criminal, for example, being upset ENRAGE
Barbie almost cooked for Jewish scholar RABBI
Behaving very oddly — furious, like a demo over hair, reportedly (3,2,1,5,4) MADASAMARCHHARE
Benediction not to be sneezed at! BLESSYOU
Branch our journalist protected ARMOURED
Commoner boy's mixed up with don NOBODY
Excellent boy in charge, when moving at very high speed SUPERSONIC
Failed attempt at bad, bad quips about Mike DAMPSQUIB
Had rights and changed a challenging criterion HIGHSTANDARD
Hesitation married son deviously hides in discourse SERMON
Inflame family that's led astray KINDLE
Initially no improvement made by accepting student quickly NIMBLY
Iron Lawrence found at the fair FETE
Issues of a feminine nature DAUGHTERS
Clues Answers
Lecture when spirit is trapped inside MORALISE
Look up racy image, displayed initially for to be shocking LURID
Minister to nurse TEND
Model, one playing musical instrument MELODEON
Parent, one new to Head MAIN
Poke fun at cruel idiot, mostly drunk RIDICULE
Pull the French king from fighter WRESTLER
Received account for sheets of paper, 500 ACQUIRED
Ruling is in trouble, but it's not absolute DECREENISI
Short sailor Rex put out ABRUPT
Study can make something legible READABLE
Villain cheated a bit to make slow progress INCH
Welsh ferries set out for fairground rides FERRISWHEELS