The Washington Post - Dec 16 2015

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Clues Answers
'Forgive me' IMSORRY
'Go Set a Watchman' novelist LEE
'Someone already told me' IHEARD
'Totally cool!' AWESOME
'Twilight' actress Stewart KRISTEN
'Uh, excuse me ...' AHEM
1988 Tom Hanks film BIG
Abbr. on a cornerstone ESTD
Architect Saarinen EERO
Bebe's 'Cheers' role LILITH
Beliefs TENETS
Breakdown of social norms ANOMIE
Bring to mind EVOKE
British submachine gun STEN
Building wing ELL
Capital of Latvia RIGA
CBS forensic drama that aired for fifteen seasons CSI
Chopper topper ROTOR
Church council SYNOD
Covering all the grades, briefly ELHI
Dines at home EATSIN
Environmental activist Brockovich ERIN
Excited about INTO
Former Mets Darling and Swoboda RONS
Give it a go TRY
Home of Gannon Univ ERIEPA
Horned in? HONKED
Iams competitor ALPO
In a few minutes SOON
Ingrid's role in 'Casablanca' ILSA
It may be used to fill an unexpected vacancy SPECIALELECTION
Joints that may need replacement KNEES
Latin on a memo INRE
Like blackboard erasers CHALKY
Male dreamboat ADONIS
More than suggestive RACY
Clues Answers
Morlock victims ELOI
Move to another table RESEAT
Nasty cut GASH
National rival AVIS
Needle feature EYE
Not-so-nice look LEER
Olympic speed skater Ohno APOLO
Ones honored by a DC memorial VIETNAMVETERANS
Primary MAIN
Put a stop to HALT
Quebec peninsula GASPE
Queen of Hollywood LATIFAH
Seasonal greeting MERRYCHRISTMAS
Sesame pastes used in Middle Eastern cuisine TAHINIS
Shrek, for one OGRE
Sister of Rachel LEAH
Site for a common vow ALTAR
Skid row denizen WINO
Skin cream ingredient ALOE
Small wts OZS
Some online reading, for short EMAG
Sporty Chevy CAMARO
Sri Lanka, at one time CEYLON
Stun, in a way TASE
Success HIT
Swedish furniture giant IKEA
Sweet, spongy yeast cake BABKA
Synagogue repository ARK
The Joads, famously OKIES
The object of Bluto's love OLIVE
TiVo precursor VCR
Travis of country fame TRITT
Uniform material KHAKI
Voting bloc traditionally aligned with the Democratic party ORGANIZEDLABOR
Waterfront gp ILA
Woody's boy ARLO
WWII British fliers RAF