Irish Times (Simplex) - Dec 16 2015

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Clues Answers
''Getting and ..., we lay waste our powers'' (Wordsworth) SPENDING
A motive that's hidden ULTERIOR
Alternative name for Yangon RANGOON
Ancient stringed instrument LYRE
Capacity for rational thought REASON
Come into view again REAPPEAR
Contemporary, up-to-date MODERN
Deliberately misleading fabrication CANARD
Deprive of by deceit DEFRAUD
Domains of royalty KINGDOMS
Fabric made from Angora goat hair MOHAIR
Floor of a boxing ring CANVAS
Followed, tracked TAILED
Gain, return on investment PROFIT
Hard alloy suitable for casting BRONZE
Having or showing great knowledge or learning ERUDITE
Clues Answers
Impairment, injury DAMAGE
Italian cured pork PANCETTA
Low seats or footstools OTTOMANS
Mountains of North America ROCKIES
Private place to hide away in BOLTHOLE
Progression of a working life CAREER
Put off, delay POSTPONE
Quick and skilful DEFT
Short trip to perform a task ERRAND
Slight amounts of colour TINGES
Small circular movement of water EDDY
Soothing cream OINTMENT
Throws back an image REFLECTS
Under stress or lacking spontaneity STRAINED
Worry about the woodwork? FRET
You might have them if you're afraid to proceed COLDFEET