- Apr 22 2008

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Clues Answers
2005, on movie copyright lines MMV
Back of a ship STERN
Backbone SPINE
Because of DUETO
Before, in poems ERE
Blackjack player's phrase HITME
Breakfast sweets DOUGHNUTS
Bring out a meal SERVE
Concerning ASTO
Cowboy trousers BUCKSKINS
Encounters MEETS
Engrave deeply ETCH
Evergreen trees PINES
Fabric-rustling sound SWISH
Fairy-tale second word UPON
Fancy winter warmer CASHMERESWEATER
Fargo, North __ DAKOTA
Fitness center SPA
Flash of lightning STREAK
Fly high SOAR
Fractions of a day: Abbr. HRS
French friend AMI
Goes down, as the sun SETS
Goes up, as the sun RISES
Helper: Abbr. ASST
Highest-quality DELUXE
Ice-cream holder CONE
In that place THERE
Informal farewell TATA
Is scared of FEARS
Largest continent ASIA
Leg joint KNEE
Letters before tees ESSES
Mail away SEND
Major blood vessel AORTA
Margarine OLEO
Maui feast LUAU
Nebraska city OMAHA
Clues Answers
New __, India DELHI
Not very good SOSO
Operatic solo ARIA
Pain in the neck HASSLE
Pair of people DUO
Pekoe and oolong TEAS
Penny CENT
Permanently FORKEEPS
Phrase of denial NOTI
Poker payment ANTE
Ponder MUSE
Prayer ending AMEN
Precise EXACT
Prefix for chute PARA
Residence HOUSE
Rouse from sleep WAKE
Sampras of tennis PETE
Singer Fitzgerald ELLA
So all can hear ALOUD
Some nest eggs IRAS
Store-sign gas NEON
Swiss mountain ALP
Talked back to SASSED
Telephoned RANGUP
Touch on the shoulder TAP
Toward the right, on a map EAST
Transaction DEAL
Trials and tribulations WOES
True statements FACTS
Unaided sight NAKEDEYE
Uncluttered NEAT
Unseal OPEN
Urges on PUSHES
Well protected SAFE
Word of regret ALAS
Wore away ERODED
__ days (long ago) OLDEN
__ Raton, FL BOCA
__'clock (hour after noon) ONEO