The Chronicle of Higher Education - Dec 11 2015

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Clues Answers
'Now We Are ___' (A.A. Milne compendium) SIX
'Which is it?' AORB
'___ must tell a tale of chivalry': Keats .... LOI
'___: The Short but Happy Political Life of George W. Bush' (Molly Ivins book) SHRUB
2015 film based on an Emma Donoghue best seller ROOM
Ancient ointment NARD
Aromatherapist's workplace SPA
Authorize ENTITLE
Barbecue fare RIBS
Bela Lugosi's role in 'Son of Frankenstein' YGOR
Bluish purple MAUVE
Bovine hybrid BEEFALO
Bug's end? ABOO
Call to someone on deck YOUREUP
Certain inducement for a 2 Down SHOTGUN
Comes down as mixed precipitation SLEETS
Demolish, in Devon RASE
Derring-do HEROICS
Design house sued by Yves Saint Laurent in 1960 DIOR
Eccentrics KOOKS
Event depicted in this puzzle's grid WEDDING
Fish without pelvic fins EEL
Fortas of SCOTUS ABE
Got ready, with 'up' GEARED
Group of letters in typing ABO
Heartache WOE
Honour declined by George Harrison: Abbr OBE
ID clincher, at times DNA
Indigenous Oklahoman OTO
Insects that form 'ghosts' when they swarm GNATS
Keep tabs on a friend's tabby, say CATSIT
King Marke in 'Tristan und Isolde,' e.g BASS
Leather poker AWL
Length of time SPELL
Like about 15% of New Zealanders MAORI
Like sets with no elements NULL
Like some biometric scans RETINAL
Clues Answers
Macbeth or Lady Macbeth, e.g SCOT
Manner WAY
Mountaineer's foothold, maybe CRAG
Music-genre qualifier ALT
On the wrong side (of) AFOUL
One-named Art Deco luminary ERTE
Opening bet ANTE
Ophthalmic swelling STYE
Org. with rules to govern its clubs PGA
Ostensible ALLEGED
Painter who did a series featuring the Rouen Cathedral MONET
Prestigious cartooning award since 1946 REUBEN
Pronoun among Hamburgers SIE
Provided a segue for LEDINTO
Related on the father's side AGNATE
Salivates DROOLS
Shaw with a clarinet ARTIE
Singing and dancing, say TALENTS
Some home-schoolers get them, briefly GEDS
Somme summer ETE
Sound effect in a Three Stooges routine BONK
Spot in the Bible? SEEST
Stock trades of fewer than 100 shares ODDLOTS
Suffix with micro- or macro- COSM
Supposed ball-dropping locale for Galileo PISA
Toy intended to get blown up KITE
Translation of the diner slang 'Adam and Eve' TWOEGGS
Tums competitor MAALOX
Veep before LBJ RMN
Very wide, on shoeboxes EEE
When some Tauruses are born: Abbr APR
Without a downside, in a way WINWIN
Yet-to-be-deciphered Minoan script LINEARA
Young attendant at a 2 Down, often FLOWERGIRL
Young attendant at a 2 Down, often RINGBEARER
___ 'n' cheese MAC