Irish Times (Crosaire) - Dec 7 2015

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Clues Answers
Bitter criticism for running investigation article on clan DIATRIBE
Brain ain't working for old female warrior BRITANNIA
Caught in dead centre with ecstasy? You'd get 10 years for that! DECADE
Child support can be precious for husband and wife AUPAIR
Confuse leading boxer on promoter's books BLURB
Direct tax without DIRT? Spot on! EXACT
Fine powder for blow manufactured in area suffering from sustained draught DUSTBOWL
For one, what the Italians prepared might not be part of 18 across? SINGLE
Invincible organisation with a small crew is competent UNASSAILABLE
Is this a month of Sundays in Heaven? ETERNITY
Joker isn't a bit civilised joining Board WILDCARD
Kept faith to the end of March with State flag from Department MARTYRED
Mark's review of great story ultimately is uninspiring STODGY
Miserable course concerned with economic decline DOWNTREND
Clues Answers
One way to make an offer to get first person back in the same place IBIDEM
Polish listener to begin with, is responsible for build-up in canal EARWAX
Prepared to be grilled for weeks training revolutionary SKEWERED
Rejects small role with fools TRAPS
Samuel embraces Diana's humiliating cruelty SADISM
Saucy type from college took flight with Chuck CRANBERRY
Take flight, as mother sounds keen on old Bob Hook MAKEANESCAPE
Think about decors in building CONSIDER
Tiny amounts for annoying type not initially consumed by saints SMIDGENS
Turns up, a politician rings the foreign mouthy type DELTA
Turns up, paramilitaries used to provide training programmes for expedition SAFARI
Weigh up for foremost Dutch assembly what most people should be consuming BALANCEDDIET
Women for that reason, plant reports on any account from any source WHENCESOEVER
Won't know what you're saying if you keep your mouth shut to translator LIPREADER