New York Times - Dec 6 2015

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Clues Answers
'Frozen' reindeer's name SVEN
'I Ching' concept TAO
'Preparation meeting opportunity,' it's said LUCK
'Serves you right!' HAH
'We won' gesture VSIGN
'___ Darlin'' (Count Basie number) LIL
'___ right?' AMI
'___ the Housetop' (Christmas song) UPON
2013 Spike Jonze dramedy HER
Actor/activist Davis OSSIE
Affect in a personal way SPEAKTO
American hub OHARE
Attempt to pass the bar? POLEVAULT
Attractive blacksmith at a stable? PRETTYSHOER
Bass organs GILLS
Bedroom on a train, e.g COMPARTMENT
Ben of 'Zoolander' STILLER
Beseech on bended knee IMPLORE
Big Easy lunch POBOY
Blowtube projectile PEA
Book jacket info BIO
Boston skyscraper, with 'the' PRU
Brothers' keepers MONASTERIES
Butler on a plantation RHETT
Butter? RAM
Bygone gas station name AMOCO
Candy brand since 1901 NECCO
Castaway's site ISLET
Chicago suburb EVANSTON
Chum at sea MATEY
City dweller's yell TAXI
City near Lake Tahoe RENO
Cold shower? SLEET
College team named for a tribe UTES
Corruption ROT
CPR expert EMT
D-Day invaders ALLIES
Dance from Cuba RUMBA
Defensive ring MOAT
Director of 'Carlito's Way,' 1993 DEPALMA
Does an investigation DIGS
Dogfight preventers LEASHES
Dole's 1996 running mate KEMP
Druggists' implements PESTLES
Dutch export EDAM
Earth, e.g SPHERE
Easily manipulated sort TOOL
Expected amount NORM
Extremely, in dated slang MONDO
Fictional Potawatomi tribesman TONTO
First Pierce Brosnan 007 film GOLDENEYE
Food service giant based in Houston SYSCO
French ingredient in French toast OEUF
Front-wheel-drive coupling, for short CVJOINT
Gaggle : goose :: clowder : ___ CAT
Giving evasive answers COY
Green stuff MOOLA
Half a sawbuck FIN
Hang around STAY
Have another go at RETRY
Historical chapter ERA
Honey or pumpkin PETNAME
Hospital worker ORDERLY
How you might classify a blade, a gas tank cap or a starter handle? JUSTONEMOWERTHING
Interlock MESH
Jimmy Fallon's employer NBC
John of England ELTON
John of England LOO
Kids' outdoor game TBALL
Clues Answers
Kind of strength TENSILE
Large volume TOME
Lava lamp lump BLOB
Least bit SHRED
Leave-taking ADIEU
Like many student films ARTY
Like Paganini, by birth GENOAN
Little one TOT
Maker of Healthy Naturals food IAMS
Maker of indoor cars OTIS
Maleficent EVIL
Many a 1950s B-movie OATER
Marriage agreement? IDO
Mike's 'Wayne's World' co-star DANA
Missouri's original capital STCHARLES
Mob that disturbs the peace in new and interesting ways? CREATIVERIOTERS
Mother of Zeus RHEA
Moves quickly, informally MOTORS
Mr. ___ of 'The Wind in the Willows' TOAD
Municipal leaders who work the late shift? NIGHTMAYORS
Musician's virtuosity CHOPS
Nestlé candy brand ROLO
Never closed, as a resort ALLYEAR
No more than ONLY
Nonprofit network PBS
Normandy's coat of arms, basically? DOUBLEYELLOWLIONS
Northeast octet IVIES
Occupant of a small house DOLL
Oil field sights RIGS
One who gets no credit? EXTRA
Out patient's state COMA
Outback runners EMUS
Panasonic rival TOSHIBA
Personal assistant in 'Young Frankenstein' INGA
Phone button abbr OPER
Piece of pizza? CRUST
Place for visual aids EASEL
Principled ETHICAL
Punk subgenre EMO
Pushing the envelope EDGY
Reason to stay only at Hiltons or Marriotts? FEAROFHYATTS
Renaissance painter Uccello PAOLO
Repeated musical phrases RIFFS
Road less traveled BYWAY
Roll served at a bar SUSHI
Seismological focus EPICENTER
Small, secluded, wooded valley DELL
Smallest possible aspirin dose? BAYERMINIMUM
Songwriter Novello IVOR
Stacked messily HEAPED
Stair's face RISER
Supporting PRO
Suppose GUESS
Take a turn VEER
Talking toy since 1965 SEENSAY
Three of a kind, to a poker player TRIPS
Timeworn words ADAGE
Treasure from una mina ORO
Trident-shaped letter PSI
Troy, in the 'Iliad'? PRIAMREALESTATE
TV alien's home ORK
Unchecked growth RAMPANCY
Van ___, 'Lane in Autumn' painter GOGH
Wildly enthusiastic GAGA
Word in a New Year's Eve song AULD
Wraps (up) SEWS
___ cup (spillproof container) SIPPY
___ mater (spinal membrane) PIA