Universal - Dec 4 2015

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Clues Answers
"Not ___, later maybe" YET
"Ods bodkins!" EGAD
"The Wind in the Willows" character WATERRAT
"You got that right!" AMEN
112.5 degrees away from S ENE
Abandoned DESERTED
Ageless, to poets ETERNE
Air current EDDY
Angler's gear SEINE
Army group, e.g UNIT
Beginning START
Bingolike game KENO
Blossom's support STEM
Boxer's target NOSE
Ceremonial occasion RITE
Certain joint KNEE
Cobbler's replacements SOLES
Cohort ALLY
Community ordinance LAW
DoleГ%82's running mate of 1996 KEMP
Down sources EIDERS
Drudgery MOIL
Dublin's isle EIRE
End of a lace AGLET
Exercise authority WIELD
Fair attractions RIDES
Far from wet ARID
From port to starboard ABEAM
Fruit-filled desserts TARTS
Gaff or boom SPAR
Garden annoyance WEED
Gathers leaves RAKES
Geometric measure AREA
Gp. concerned with defense? ABA
Grab the tab TREAT
Greet in the military SALUTE
Hardly peppy TORPID
Clues Answers
Hemingway moniker PAPA
Housebroken TAMED
Indigenous Japanese AINU
Intensify HEATUP
Introduction or preface PROEM
Kicker Vinatieri ADAM
Lacrosse officials REFS
Like a ewe OVINE
Like a fox SLY
Like some tomatoes STEWED
Long-flight facilitator MIDAIRREFUELING
Miner's strike LODE
Nancy Drew's beau NED
Nearly unsolvable HARD
Nylon ruiner RUN
Offers a question ASKS
One of equal standing PEER
Part of a sound system, often MIDRANGESPEAKER
Paving block SETT
Potter's oven KILN
Protected, on board ALEE
Provides wonderment AWES
Quick-footed SPRY
Regarding birds AVIAN
San Andreas fault phenomena SEISMS
Shade giver TREE
Siberian river port OMSK
Some donations ALMS
Spanish-speaking female, often LATINA
Steep artificial slope ESCARP
Talk idly NATTER
They played Sinatra HIFIS
Turned on again RELIT
Velvety bloomer PANSY
Wednesday, typically MIDDLEOFTHEWEEK
Window filler PANE
Word with "puff" or "keg" POWDER
___ out a living EKE