The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 26272 - December 3, 2015

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Clues Answers
A number of Irish names retained by boarder? No! DANNYBOY
After editing, prune only eighty letters from him PLINYTHEYOUNGER
Ass welcomes extremely elegant turncoat BETRAYER
Bases planted around state in arrogance HUBRIS
Drunkard catches cold — check what he's on? SCOTCH
EastEnders' burglar, and the area he controls? FIEF
Empty one in front VAIN
Followed honour — you finally ducked OBEYED
Following opening does perhaps delay DEFER
For administrators, what can divide a little from the lot WHITEHALL
Have a sociable night out committing assaults? GOCLUBBING
Hear what eg Pavarotti could reach, in the main HIGHSEAS
Holofernes for one gets nothing out of faulty notepad PEDANT
Horse: ahead of time, reining it back in with enthusiasm HEARTILY
In the centre of a motorway, one heading for Dover AMID
Clues Answers
Is united, never sundered, that's all UNIVERSE
Journalist's breaking news about monarchy SWEDEN
Military evaluation that is fresh one's rejected SITREP
My word, how Ira's lyrics were set BYGEORGE
No music channel wants short story, one gloomy over love TALKRADIO
Old woman tucking right into ice cream CRONE
Overate? Might have refused it, perhaps SURFEITED
Progress round town that could be done by halves? PUBCRAWL
Relatively important dictator? BIGBROTHER
Shabby trick takes in husband for the time being MEANWHILE
Show criticism, outspoken REVUE
There's a lot to conceal a pig in wood MAHOGANY
Turn to rip front off malicious poster ROLL
Wooster never holds back STERN