- Dec 3 2015

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Clues Answers
''I wanna play, coach!'' USEME
''Monday Night Raw'' airer USA
''No thanks'' IPASS
A dog's age YEARS
Actor Aykroyd DAN
All of a sudden ABRUPTLY
Archaeological site DIG
Arises (from) STEMS
Attempt SHOT
Ballet routine TOEDANCE
Before you know it ANYMINUTE
Cable TV service ONDEMAND
Cobbled together MADE
Conifer covering BARK
Curtain accessory ROD
Donut shape TORUS
Early settlers of Iceland NORSE
Emmy category DAYTIME
Encourages SPURSON
Evening train amenity BARCAR
Fall from grace SIN
Feudal toiler SERF
Film with Mickey mangling magic FANTASIA
First ''Mad Men'' airer AMC
FiveThirtyEight blogger NATESILVER
Football coach Holtz LOU
From Kolkata INDIAN
German engineer/inventor DIESEL
Give counsel to ADVISE
Half pint CUP
Impersonal pronoun ITS
Is staggered REELS
Lightly bite NIPAT
Looked frightened PALED
Military outpost CAMP
Necks of land SPITS
Clues Answers
NL East player NYMET
One, in Naples UNO
Orange variety NAVEL
Out of reach FAR
Oversight ERROR
Pothook shapes ESSES
Prankster IMP
Price for a promo ADRATE
Quick looks GLANCES
Recital program PIECES
Restrained TRAMMELED
River near da Vinci Airport TIBER
See 34 Across RANGER
See 57 Across IDAHO
Shining example GEM
Sly glance LEER
Something for nothing FREERIDE
Southern end of I-95 FLA
Southern state symbol LONESTAR
Spa treatment CACTUSMASK
SpaceX client NASA
Split hairs CAVIL
Squander LOSE
Surmount LIEATOP
Talk about ADDRESS
Talk about DISCUSS
Test pilots' garb GSUITS
Test-version apps BETAS
Timberlake's former band NSYNC
Timetable datum ETA
Typical pass catcher END
Unfortunate SAD
Venerable beer brand PABST
Whodunit staple ALIBI
Whodunit staples DAS
With 14 Across, western capital BOISE
With 36 Across, conservation career FOREST