USA Today - Dec 2 2015

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Clues Answers
"Appalachian Spring" composer Copland AARON
"Cool Runnings" vehicle BOBSLED
"Hyper" ending BOLE
"My country, ___ of thee . . ." TIS
"Uh-huh" YUP
"What happened next?" AND
"___ Got a Brand New Bag" (49-Across tune) PAPAS
"___ it or lose it" USE
"___ port in a storm" ANY
-30- END
Actor O'Toole PETER
Adapt, socially FITIN
Aleve target ACHE
Analyze TEST
Anesthetizes an entire audience? BORES
Apple gizmo CORER
Artist Hudson NAN
Attempt to conjure a memory TRYTORECALL
Baby's "piggie" TOE
Bad ___ (spa) EMS
Be the bartender POUR
Binding order FIAT
Broadcasting ONAIR
Calf-covering footwear BOOTS
Catty chorus MEOWS
Caught wind of HEARD
Choosing method ODDSOREVENS
Chorister's garment CASSOCK
Citadel student CADET
Congressional term SESSION
Copperhead's output VENOM
Cousin of a hootamaganzy SMEW
Dancing specialty TAP
Demeanors MIENS
Disclaim DENY
Disengage, in a way UNPEG
Clues Answers
Doesn't just have an odor REEKS
Elevator pioneer OTIS
Exterminator's supply POISONS
Fake jewelry PASTE
Fed. holiday, often MON
Financial center of Venice RIALTO
Fury IRE
Give a valedictory ORATE
Governor, at times VETOER
Green-eyed monster ENVY
Has down KNOWS
Is under the weather AILS
James Brown's music SOUL
Just a smidgen TAD
Kama ___ (Hindu manual) SUTRA
Landlord's due RENT
Like some record labels INDIE
Loud, in music FORTE
Nonglossy finish MATTE
North Atlantic birds PUFFINS
Numerical ending ETH
Painful pang THROE
Parimutuel bet WIN
Pique IRK
Praiseful poem ODE
Princess's headgear TIARA
Retrovirus component RNA
Server's reward TIP
Sickly white PALLOR
Small songbird VIREO
Sound from the pasture MOO
Source of pride EGO
Store cremated remains INURN
Striking scene TABLEAU
Tokyo, before it was Tokyo EDO
Topple over UPEND
Use ceremonial oil ANOINT
Wearing down, in a way ERODING
Wedge placed under a wheel SPRAG