L.A. Times Daily - Dec 2 2015

Clues Answers
"I'm innocent!" NOTME
"Mamma Mia!" group ABBA
"Swan Lake" swan ODILE
"The Planets" composer HOLST
"Until next time," in texts TTYL
"__ so?" HOW
"¿__ está?" COMO
'50s political monogram DDE
*Like Southern California beaches SUNDRENCHED
*One of two cold atmospheric cyclones POLARVORTEX
*Rhode Island school BROWNUNIVERSITY
*Title female "trying to make a devil out of me," in a Santana hit BLACKMAGICWOMAN
Adorable CUTE
Author Buntline NED
Avant-garde NEWWAVE
Batman portrayer Kilmer VAL
Blow one's top RAGE
Canonized Mlle STE
Celeb with a mansion HEF
Charlemagne's realm: Abbr HRE
Cheat, in a way PEEK
Closed SHUT
Cotillion honoree DEB
Customer holding: Abbr ACCT
Destroyer destroyer UBOAT
Dishes for company CHINA
Dismissed, with "off" LAID
Duck player in "Peter and the Wolf" OBOIST
Eagerly excited AGOG
Feel the same way AGREE
Find work GETAJOB
First calendar pg JAN
Fish caught in pots EELS
Fix, as a pet SPAY
Focuses even harder ... and a hint to the starts of the answers to starred clues BEARSDOWN
Food court attraction AROMA
Fundamentals ABCS
Furrow maker HOE
Gets close to NEARS
Clues Answers
Golfer Ballesteros SEVE
High-speed war plane maneuver POWERDIVE
Hindu deity RAMA
Hunter's device DECOY
Insert for a 6-Down REED
Iron-rich meat LIVER
Label TAG
Large-leafed tree LINDEN
Letters after phis CHIS
Low or no follower CAL
Messy stuff GLOP
Miller's "__ From the Bridge" AVIEW
Oscar's roommate FELIX
Passionate AVID
Pop singer Mann AIMEE
Produced, as fruit BORE
Punishment with a grounding NOTV
Quiet yeses NODS
Risk, e.g GAME
Ruling period REGIME
Seasonal malady FLU
Shakespearean fairy queen MAB
Shoot well under par, in golf lingo GOLOW
Skating commentator Lipinski TARA
Smidgen WHIT
Something to pick lox for BAGEL
Studio piece EASEL
Syria's Bashar al-__ ASSAD
Talking iPhone feature SIRI
Tel Aviv airline ELAL
Tennis great Andre AGASSI
Texter's "If you ask me" IMHO
Tolkien's Treebeard et al ENTS
Wipe off ERASE
__ smasher ATOM
__-Honey BITO