BuzzFeed - Nov 5 2015

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Clues Answers
'And the rest of those people' in a paper ETAL
'Firefly' brother and sister River and Simon TAM
'gtg but c u soon' TTYL
'I've seen better' MEH
'Screw you, Dracula!' BITEME
'Sweet' NICE
'The-a most-a romantic-a city in-a the world!' ROMA
'___ luck?' ANY
'___: Ragnarok' (upcoming Marvel feature) THOR
*'I volunteer as ___!' TRIBUT
*Capitalist who achieves a fortune through questionable means OBBERBARON
*Car window option INT
*Cookie offered in Red Velvet starting February 2015 ORE
*Exuded, as charm OOZE
*Feature of a spy's luggage FALSEBOTTO
*Hunter in the sky with a belt RION
*Impressionist APE
*Spiky undersea animal sometimes used in sushi RCHIN
*Spoil, as milk GOBA
*Starts to get to EARSON
*Subs for lunch EROS
*Take care of, as some business TENDT
*___ erectus (me and you and everyone we know) OMO
Allured DREWIN
An embarrassingly low amount NOTONE
Anthony's partner of talk radio OPIE
Assumed name ANONYM
Bleacher outbursts, sometimes CHANTS
Bolt who toppled three Olympic and world records in Beijing USAIN
Branch headquarters? NESTS
Charged RANAT
Chef d'___ (U.S. President, to the French) ETAT
Cliff feature CRAG
Comic Relief's ___ Day (I sure hope Caleb doesn't change this clue to that sexist rap song) [Editor's note: Sage the Gemini grants you your wish] REDNOSE
Creator of the Shiver TCBY
Dance around a chair HORA
Dance move that involves squatting with your feet turned out PLIE
Devonshire tea component SCONES
Embry who plays Carter on 'The Walking Dead' ETHAN
Clues Answers
Every time I walk into one, I'm like, 'Is this a joke or something?' BAR
Exec handling cash monayyy CFO
Fail to chill SWEATIT
Famous breakup scapegoat ONO
Fashion design line? SEAM
Fungi for bakers and brewers YEASTS
Genesis creator SEGA
Harry's best friend and politician Paul, for two RONS
Its capital is Kwanza ANGOLA
Male ___ (objectifying viewpoint) GAZE
Mufti's ruling FATWA
Netflix founder Hastings REED
Not exactly a Westminster contender MANGY
Not relying on experiential data THEORYBASED
Obi-___ Kenobi, Jedi master/spiritual guru WAN
Piazza or Strawberry, e.g NYMET
Place to put down stakes: Abbr OTB
Platform for some same-sex swiping GRINDR
Position for a yogi or yogini ASANA
Radio signal, e.g TRANSMITTAL
Regarding ASFOR
Regular, midgrade and premium rating OCTANE
Rhythm TEMPO
Science course requirement, usually LAB
Seal the deal CLOSE
See 23-Across BORDERS
See 23-Across WITHOUT
Service centers? ALTARS
Sister of 'Sister, Sister' TIA
Squander WASTE
Succumbs to the eternal, unrelentless flow of time AGES
Tea partier parodied by Fey PALIN
The change, in 'Keep the change,' essentially TIP
They can only be perfect in the past :( TENSES
They follow lambdas MUS
They're usually liberal in college ARTS
With 39- and 50-Across, group of physicians providing aid in over 60 countries...or an explanation for 14 letters missing in this puzzle? DOCTORS
Word in many MLS 25-Down OLE
Your sibling's spouse, briefly BIL