USA Today - Apr 2 2008

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Clues Answers
''Blackboard Jungle'' author Hunter EVAN
''Take a gander!'' LOOK
''This is ___'' CNN
''___ a Grecian Urn'' ODEON
Actress Scacchi of ''The Red Violin'' GRETA
Ally of the Missouri OTOE
Antiknock fluids ETHYLS
Author Walker ALICE
Belle or Brenda STARR
Bellow YELL
Bernhardt and Vaughan SARAHS
Brain's ___ mater DURA
Brainiac EGGHEAD
Campbell's soup instruction HEAT
Cartoon dog REN
Casa division SALA
Clumsy or bunglesome UNGAINLY
Collar adjunct LEASH
Commotions ADOS
Cornishman or Welshman CELT
Corolla segment PETAL
Cossack, usually SLAV
Country singer Brooks GARTH
Drivers' org. AAA
Easel, essentially STAND
Fake redhead's application HENNA
Find a new tenant RELET
Gangster's gun GAT
Glacial ridge SERAC
Got ripped TORE
Grenoble's department or stream ISERE
Half a figure eight ESS
Happening EVENT
Horse racing board TOTE
It has a lot of companies ARMY
It's a step up . . . or down RUNG
Jai ___ ALAI
Clues Answers
Jodie Foster film NELL
Like some TV telecasts REGIONAL
Links alert FORE
Little nipper TYKE
Love, to Spaniards AMOR
Major Nile cataract locale ASWAN
Make tracks HASTEN
Marvel Comics superheroes XMEN
Memorable brothers MARX
Mental conclusion? IST
Middle of the quip WEWILLRETURNINA
Nosy Parkers YENTAS
One thing an eagle does SWOOPS
Orienteering aids MAPS
Perfect, on the parallel bars TEN
Philatelist's sheet PANE
Plunderer's take SWAG
Prefix with ''suggestion'' AUTO
Pulitzer poet W.H. AUDEN
Remove from memory ERASE
Reunion attendee ALUM
Right-hand man AIDE
Road classic REO
Roster closer, briefly ETAL
Saint honored on April 21 ANSELM
Sea near the Caspian ARAL
See 14-Across LEO
Serpentine SNAKY
Start of a four-legged quip VETERINARYSSIGN
Stone or suit DIAMOND
Surprise loser of 1948 DEWEY
Switch back? EROO
Take from a job LOOT
Take in the show again RESEE
Take to the cleaners SOAK
___ nous (between ourselves) ENTRE