L.A. Times Daily - Apr 1 2008

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Clues Answers
"Exodus" author URIS
*Cell, often CAMERAPHONE
*Heist specialist SAFECRACKER
*Prototype vehicle CONCEPTCAR
*Winter Olympics event SKIJUMPING
2006-07 NBA MVP Nowitzki DIRK
Actress Heche ANNE
Aerosol scent PINE
At a prior time ONCE
At rest IDLE
Church ritual MASS
Crawler on a hill ANT
Disappearing sounds POOFS
Fable's lesson MORAL
Falafel holder PITA
First chip in ANTE
Freeway sign EXIT
Gas sign north of the border ESSO
Gate closers LATCHES
Gets it wrong ERRS
Great Barrier __ REEF
Guitar sound TWANG
Hardy character TESS
Headed for its destination SENT
Heavenly circle HALO
Here, in Le Havre ICI
Homework assignment REPORT
Hormel meat product SPAM
Imprints, as in memory ETCHES
Indian state bordering Bangladesh ASSAM
Injure badly MAIM
Input, as data ENTER
Inspiring city for van Gogh ARLES
Jumble MESS
Keiko in "Free Willy," for one ORCA
Kids' game, and word that can follow the ends of answers to starred clues JACKS
Clues Answers
Knock down some pins BOWL
Like a trap in need of resetting SPRUNG
Monopoly income RENTS
Neighbor of Fin. RUS
New Jersey's __ Hall University SETON
New Wave band Depeche __ MODE
Not fooled by ONTO
Not so crazy SANER
On the dot EXACT
Org. created by the 1947 National Security Act CIA
Pinafore letters HMS
Planting areas BEDS
Poses ASKS
Precambrian and Progressive ERAS
Prefix with -geneous HETERO
Prefix with modern ULTRA
Rainbow, e.g. ARC
Represent unfairly SKEW
Rocker Bon Jovi JON
Rotation meas. RPS
Rub out ERASE
Sagacious WISE
Search HUNT
Second in cmd. ASST
Sewer's connection SEAM
Share ending? WARE
Slingbacks and slippers SHOES
Soft ball NERF
Spoke in grating tones RASPED
Started BEGAN
Strikers' demand RAISE
Takes to the next level RAMPSUP
Teri of "Tootsie" GARR
Trail for the dogs SCENT
Type of football ARENA
Venomous snake ASP
Whimpers MEWLS