The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 1,508 - Nov 27 2015

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Clues Answers
'Big Spender' might symbolise this record buyer? SHOPAHOLIC
A sample divided by Roger satisfactorily in one go ATASTROKE
Actress's delight finding source of mint cake FELICITYKENDAL
Book footballer thumping one perhaps Cockney's saying EDDA
Boring thing's the latest to conform wearing jacket GIMLET
Carpet area wearing excessively OVERLAY
Classical units unpopular in sorry English resort EXMOUTH
Con pound out of business when procuring rug INMATE
Dieter's certainly getting minimum of Vitamin A in island JAVA
Female group monopolise painting in hall I'm moving for artist WILLIAMHOGARTH
Gas unit connected to Bruce's home? OZONE
Geek displays this in European country, loudly occupying capital INFOMANIA
Given period of time, husband at last agreed YEAH
Light alcohol with punch and power SPIRITLAMP
Clues Answers
Male scientists must protect enclosure of trees which provide shelter HARBOURERS
Poison spread to this place -- it's in the air IONOSPHERE
Punk's outrageous probing topless bird ROTTEN
Recite nonsense in French for all TROTOUT
Remedy connection on the phone and finally contact America LINCTUS
Say, Windsor Castle having Pacino as neighbour ROYAL
She took photos ardently in ground, capturing amateur cricketers LINDAMCCARTNEY
Signior regularly enters as food favoured by 8? QUINOA
Small, delicate flower raised, attracting female ELFIN
Sports broadcaster having to pester worker on box? HARRYCARPENTER
This writer welcomes jolly name for cartoon characters MRMEN
Type of market using borders of material in transaction DEMANDLED
Urban controller gets gutless offender, tagging boy one month LORDMAYOR
With skill, Daryl balances boxes leaning over ABLY